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A DIY project growing aeroponic leafy greens. 36 growing sites in a 2 square foot area! Video Rating: / 5 The 4th and final episode in the series. How to hook up the plumbing and finish installing the modular configuration. Related PostsDIY Aeroponic Tree pt3DIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 2 (Nutrient Change)DIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 1 (NutriengrowTOOL hydroponic & aeroponic Systeme 2015 / 2016Minecraft Vertical Tree Farm Greenhouse / Silver Tree Laboratory (Alpha-Omega Map)Growing an Orange Tree in Hydroponics Part 2


Vertical farming



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  • Jacob Padilla 1 year ago

    hello sir what size is that hole saw? and what angle is the hole saw going in?

  • Frank Pinto 1 year ago

    Did you try using a forstner bit mounted in your drill press at the angle desired?

  • sonofthunder 333 1 year ago

    i like the jig!!!

  • sonofthunder 333 1 year ago

    what size is the hole saw?

  • JacobsOompa 1 year ago

    WELL PLANNED OUT with your hole GUIDES for drilling….saving TONS of time if you are building several towers…VERY WELL Planned and orchestrated. Love this….GREAT JOB…
    Ken from Orlando, Florida, USA

  • JacobsOompa 1 year ago

    BEAUTIFUL Set up….I like the spacing off sets…..great design. Some work to set up, but is MORE than worth it once you are growing ……Love this.

  • Auburn Sky Farm 1 year ago

    +Des Leong rhe 2" net pot holder I call sleeves they are cut at 39 degrees

  • Des Leong 1 year ago

    Great work mate! May I please ask at what angles are your 2" pots cut at?

    Im excited to start your project…

    Des from Down Under Australia…

  • Adilbek Shungulov 1 year ago

    whicn kind of tube did u use, can i contact with u to get detail information about this project.

  • ralljr oli 1 year ago

    awesome video, whats the name of that device that your drill is attached to

  • Sun Ra El 1 year ago

    How did you create your jig?

  • Hampus Tillgren 1 year ago

    This looks amazing, allthough i see everything you do, it's hard to recreate without a paper plan, do you have any paper plan available on the internet?

  • Auburn Sky Farm 1 year ago
  • Flaviano Coniglio 1 year ago

    hi, nice job i really like it… how much l/h is your pump? how much watt?

  • ThePrayerHotline 1 year ago

    Thank you for posting

  • ron23ald 1 year ago

    The plant wholes are closely spaced, how does a full tower of pak choy or lettuce grow in them? Do you get roots clogging up the tower?

  • Be My Guest 1 year ago

    You did great job sir and thank you for sharing, may i know the length of your tree and how many mm is the thickens of the 6 inch pipe. Thanks

  • KAYAKERSTAN 1 year ago

    What water pump are you using?

  • Steven Wilson 1 year ago

    Thank you for the videos – I'm very interested in making a grow tree so we can grow fresh veggies. You have some great ideas – keep up the good work. God bless & shalom.

  • Anthony Ebenezer 1 year ago


  • Robert Madden 1 year ago

    thank you, God bless you my friend

  • adriana guisselle jimenez calderon 1 year ago

    Excelent job. TKS for sharing it. Blessing.¡¡¡

  • sonofthunder 333 1 year ago

    seems top-heavy

  • Jules Honeybun 1 year ago

    Dear Auburn Sky Farm, thank you for your fab tutorial! You have done a really good job, just saw this, and wondered if it would be easier to install a small pump inside individual grow towers as on here, rather than one pump feeding three?  ( The part about aeroponic technology).  Thank you once again for your kindness in showing us all how to.

  • de Bunnies 1 year ago

    i watched this from part 1, very nice tutorial, btw, what you use for the media to holds the plant, is there any leaking ?

  • sandertel 1 year ago

    I wonder how a ultra sonic mist unit down in the bucket would fare in such a beautifully narrow and relative tall design…

  • GrandPa RB 1 year ago

    What size sprayers did you use in your spray heads and where did you place them , your video dose not show you building the spray head or I missed that video.

  • Shakaama 1 year ago

    SO when we get to the actual nitty gritty of what I really wanted to know, you don't even film it. But sawing, you film? get out of here.

  • orlaimage 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing your project, very nice and full of details. I am trying to learnhave some questions: how often water in the big tank? How much nutrients and which one do you use? How to control the PH and what's the ideal PH level? Did you have any problems with clogging the sprinkles?
    Thank you so much

  • Auburn Sky Farm 1 year ago