In depth overview of the DIY Aeroponic Barrel System. It covers the construction, what is growing, how it works, and how to maintain it. A great system that is easy to maintain. Great for indoors or outdoors.

DIY Aeroponic Barrel System in Depth Overview

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  • Cayse Barry

    Recently made a hydroponic drip system of my own, considering making a barrel system like this for my next project. Thanks for the inspo

  • Brendan Wilson

    Cool system! Thanks for showing it to us.

    You should definitely spray paint you reservoir black, and your tubing needs to be a black food grade tubing as well. You may not have algae problems yet, but you will 100% have it in time, if you dont paint that black.
    Another thing you can do, is put a fuel filter bag on your pump intake, and you can machine wash that thing, and it filters around 10 microns, so you wont get your misters clogged very often.

  • Nat Holloway

    If you build one of these get a better water pump. The one I bought is not strong enough to cover the barrel properly.

  • Nat Holloway

    The materials I used to construct the barrel system:
    1 55 gallon barrel
    42 3 inch street sewer 45 degree elbows (white plant holders)
    26 inch hot water tank tray
    lots of 1/2 inch pvc + glue
    lots of DAP ultra clear waterproof sealant
    10 xGarden 60 Pack Blue 360 Degree Micro Sprayer Fan Jet – come in packs of 30-50
    EcoPlus 1340 GPH (5072 LPH, 125W)) Submersible Water Pump
    Timer Outlet, Nearpow Multifunctional Infinite Cycle Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Switch – controls the pump
    BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer – controls the lights
    4 Honeywell LED 4' Linkable Shop Light – you could use something else – just using what I already had – added 5 more in May
    Roleadro 75W Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants – great for the seedlings
    100 Pack – 3 Inch Net Slit Pots for Hydroponic – Aeroponic – Orchid
    3 inch neoprene collars – to cover the holes until I can get plants, also good to cover the plants to keep water sprinkling out when the system is on
    2 inch by 2 inch rockwool cubes

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