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EPISODE 3 PART 2 of my video series on my homemade aeroponic rail system. In this episode I cover the process of draining, filling, cleaning and changing of nutrients and additives along with Ph adjustment. Thanks for watching and please subscribe. Related PostsDIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System- Ep. 2 (Resevoir)39 Pepper Aeroponic Rail System- Basic OverviewDIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 1 (NutrienDIY 39 pepper Aeroponic System- EP. 1 (Rails)How I Build a High Pressure #Aeroponic System – Assembly of different components.How An Aeroponic Hydroponic System Works

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  • Gene Torres 4 years ago

    nice system!

  • Jacob Papapietro 4 years ago

    Wasting your money on hygrozyme. It's over priced. There are a dozen other products that are half the price and just as good. Plus aquariums use an enzyme and it's like 5 bucks for a bottle that big

  • blake arturo 4 years ago

    Inspiring…really great video… trying to find a detailed right on the stricter on how the pumps work with eachother.

  • 1mtstewart 4 years ago

    what is the active ingredient in the "pH down" or "pH up"?
    lemon juice works fine to lower pH..
    when fixing pH do it to the closest 0.01. you will need a pH meter that reads in three decimal places. remember solution that is pH 6.00 is 100 times more acidic than pH 7.00. the pH may effect the plants more or less compared to the recommended pH in soils. .

  • 1mtstewart 4 years ago

    great video series thank you. it is "milli-liters".not M-Ls

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    Anywhere between 3 weeks to 8 weeks. Remember there is a auto top off installed. Hope this helps.

  • jo smith 4 years ago

    how offend do u change the water

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @GrassFarm, the roots fill the bottom of the rails about an inch thick. Like a mat. Hope this helps

  • Michael R. Koch 4 years ago

    Excellent job on the videos. Thanks for putting all of that together in a clear presentation. I may have missed it in the video, but can you tell me how long the root systems are for your pepper plants now that they have a harvest on them? Thanks.

  • foresakenlion 4 years ago

    I've watched most of your videos, you have an extremely nice design with several advanced features incorporated, I wanted to advise that if you added a venturi impeller on the return, or incorporated a waterfall effect you could raise the dissolved oxygen levels.

    Search High Pressure Aeroponics , you'll find forums w/ details on how to get you to the next level, you're definitely ready.

  • Busyme 4 years ago

    How often do you add the nutrients to the 42 gallons???

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @cfenster Thanks for the comment

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 4 years ago

    Very nice!

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @xzvc9084 Thank you.The reason I split the res was because the 2 totes can support the water without bracing and the height of the totes. I wanting to keep my rails from being to tall and I didnt want any additional bracing around the totes. Remember the 2 totes are connect by a 1inch tee to the pump so they are kinda like one. I do have mylar and I'm seeing how the reflective does on the board. Maybe I should do one side mylar and one builders board and do a test study. maybe a new video!

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @telometo83 The pump is a quiet one 3000. My next video in this series is on the plumbimg so keep checking back. Thanks for the comment.

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @darktard I'm considering leds but at this time im still researching them .

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @cfenster I will. Thanks for subscribing!!!

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @telometo83 Glad you like them.

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @garygardens Hi Gary. I change my res weekly now that the plants are large. Some are over 3 feet. The top off last change ran 57 Gallons in a week. The temp I've been trying to control with 2 liter bottles froze with water. Works pretty good. At night when the air cools my air pump gets its air from outside to cool the res. Ultimately though I'm working on a DIY Chiller. The reason is my garsge gets very hot in my climate. But thats another video 😉

  • Jksax914 4 years ago

    @19Photographer76 were all over the place. In the beginning top off was minimal but now that the plants are large some 3ft. top off is quite a bit. Last time I checked my flowmaster between changes top off was 57 gallons for 1 week!! Thats why I monitor ph and ec daily. Luckily my water coming in is not bad on the ph side.