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EPISODE 3 PART 1 of my video series on my homemade aeroponic rail system. In this episode I cover the process of draining, filling, cleaning and changing of nutrients and additives along with Ph adju Related PostsDIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 2 (Nutrient Change)DIY 39 pepper Aeroponic System- EP. 1 (Rails)39 Pepper Aeroponic Rail System- Basic OverviewDIY Aeroponic Rail SystemAeroponic Low Pressure System 5 inch Rails vegetable or cannabis – part 1DYI Aeroponic System: Concord Grape, Roses, Peppers and More! (9/26/13)

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  • Freddie Franko 1 year ago

    should definitely think about draining into another res out side and saving the leftover water your wasting a lot of water – 80 gallons every time you swap the nutes. can use that to water yard/ plants

  • myway148 1 year ago

    Hello, Great videos for sure ! A few things I would try and change that would save lots of time is to add a 55 gallon drum for top off water and nutrient changes. I would have the 55g drum raised up off the ground to a height of 3' or so. The drum would be filled by your filter with a float valve connected near the top of the drum. A water supply line connected to the bottom or lower side of the drum would allow for a gravity fed top off line that would then connect to your float valve in your reservoir. I would also add a second 3/4" or larger pvc line with a shut off valve from the drum to your reservoir that could be opened to allow the reservoir to be refilled in a minute or two with the water in the drum. Perhaps you could also premix your nutrient solution in the 55g drum and adjust your ph levels before opening the valve to refill the two reservoirs? You could raise the grow channels 12" or so and also the reservoirs up off the ground on a small 12" platform to allow you to install shut off valves on the bottom of the reservoirs so you could very quickly completely drain them. I've head it may also be a good idea to flush your system with straight dechlorinated water once or twice a month for a 24 hour period the day before you change your nutrient water. Again, having bottom drains on your reserviors would save you so much time. I also think your idea of raising your misters to the upper level would give you a little more flexability in overall system performance. Thanks again for your great videos.

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    Dude, you need to write a book on this.  Lots of people would definitely buy it.

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    So, this has been over 3 years now … are you still using this system, and how has it been working?  I am very interested because I am just about try to make a system like this.

  • Don Phillips 1 year ago

    Great videos thanks,I have a aquaponic system about 5000 Tilapia and 200 plants,peppers tomatoes,asparagus,melons and potatoes.I also built an aerqponic system out of 4 inch pvc.I would like to know what kind of pump and gph plus what type of sprinkler heads,I bought some from ebay 360 that are red is this the same ones you have I didn't start off with a filter and they got plugged I couldn't get them out and back in they came out stripped even thought I installed and removed by hand,Thanks for any help you could give.Also have you ever though of aquaponics no nutrient cost and fish are great fresh.

  • rednaxela31337 1 year ago

    suggestion: move that timer for outflow pump off the floor, keep all electrics above the waterline is a good guideline..

  • aerofart 1 year ago

    3/4 gal per minute to fill 42 gal = 4/3 min/gal x 42 gal = 56 minutes.

    You can also throw in a sealed, fine mesh bag filled with diatomaceous earth or other high-surface-area media to add surface area for bacteriologicals to grow on.

  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 year ago

    you know you could drain one reservoir at the time.. and then leave the other reservoir running while you´re cleaning the other.. and the vacuum part?? isn´t that called lazyness hehe?? you could have lifted the reservoir and emtyed it real quick.. manually.. hehe.. and I am suspecting that you are runnig too much electricity on the airpumps.. because they only need to aerate the water while the pumps are feeding your plants.. 

  • sayhello2pedro 1 year ago

    How exactly do you clean the filters once in the de-chlorinated water. Do you add any enzime cleaning product? Do you just soak them or do you give them a rub down or squish in water?

    I Love your system and videos keep up the fantastic work, Thank you

  • Wattsupsolar 1 year ago

    How do you know when the nutrient change is needed?

  • David Dube' 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great walk through with the res. change. Your automated system is inspiring. I'll wager an addition will be added to your garage within a year:))

    @trill04 why not us a tote? You'd be able to more plants for just a few bucks more. You could do a raft and really maximize space.