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Thu, Dec 22, 2011Discovery Charter School students created this video as part of a grant application to receive funding and supplies to start a garden program at their school. Over the course of six years, Veggielution has built a legacy at Emma Prusch Farm Park for the next generation: an interconnected community that cares for each other and the land that sustains us. Building upon this legacy, we’ve extended our reach to include local elementary schools, creating a Farm to School model that integrates parents, teachers, students, and the surrounding community. In 2010, Veggielution collaborated with McKinley Elementary School to create our first school garden, serving grades K-6. Since then, we have continued to develop our school garden programming at Aptitud Academy at Goss in the Alum Rock Unified School District. Through these collaborations, Veggielution is able to engage many young students in outdoor, garden-based experiential education. Through the school garden classes, students learn about many subjects from math and science to botany and the environment. These classes offer the students a chance to get out of the classroom and learn about the world around them through tangible experiences. San Jose’s youth will be at the forefront of a changing world with many social and environmental challenges. Our youth programs empower youth to understand and undertake these challenges. Our classes and programs also inspire happier and healthier lives. We believe that the coming generations are vital to helping continue our mission and we’re happy to see Veggielution reflect on the lives of the students and parents of Aptitud and McKinley. Related PostsBuilding School Gardens at Kavod Elementary Charter SchoolThe English Gardening School‘Get Paid’ on CNN HNL Charter Local Editionorganic farming-new rice strain discovery and hydrophonics farming in the philippines.AVIGrow PDC School Garden ProjectEdith Wolford Elementary: Eating right from the school […]

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