Dr. Timothy Weeks of Whole Body Health gives monthly talks on different nutrition topics as part of the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Medina, Ohio chapter. Here, he discusses digestible dairy.
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“Digestible Dairy” – A Weston A. Price Foundation Talk by Dr. Timothy Weeks of Whole Body Health

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  • Anon Anon

    I'm sorry, but there is no paper that confirms fat globules from milk being found in the blood. It would've also been helpful to clarify what "chemicals" are used in pasteurisation. Again, seems like all claim no evidence.

  • zelen plav

    People that cannot digest lactose can eat/drink yogurt and kefir. Straining the yogurt from the whey gives you a thick probiotic dip or spread. Drink the whey, it's good for you.

  • Ian Sarault

    Great presentation. You do not need to do any heating when making Kefir. I make everyday and use as a base for a fruit smoothie. Just mix grains with milk and let it ferment for a day then strain the grains and repeat.

  • golfinguna

    I honestly do not know why we keep getting experts telling us about the dangers of treated milk, when nobody anywhere on the planet (experts, doctors, nutritionist etc etc) does absolutely anything about it. Come off you tube and the internet you are in another world were food companies go about their business poisoning adults and children. Where doctors go about their business poisoning adults and children. Where pharmaceutical companies go about their business concocting poisons to kill adults and children. When are all these "experts" going to get together and stop this from happening instead of coming on you tube in their droves bragging about how knowledgeable they are and flogging their books and videos.

  • wjestick

    The letter he read out contained so many issues it is hard to know where to start.

    1. Medicare – A major killer of Americans. Just search for Levinson review medicare 2010.
    Select PDF Adverse Events in hospitals. Medicare kills 180,000 people p/a. This is a government review!

    2. Doctors are a leading cause of illness. Nearly every common illness has doctors (iatrogenic) as a risk factor. The practice of using drugs additively (which is not tested for safety or effectiveness) causes many illnesses which are themselves treated with more drugs.

    3. Doctors are not experts in nutrition or the pathological effects of deficiency, so they offer no special advice on resolving pathology with diet. They only know acute symptoms like rickets and scurvy, and even then, only common presentations.

    4. The wellness visit is nothing of the kind. Modern medicine specialises in diagnostic tests that label healthy people as being sick. A test that is 95% accurate will label 50% of a healthy population as being sick after 13 tests..

    Never get screened. Doctors who say "If we could have got it earlier" have no idea if this is true. But it has been proven than many conditions if tackled early have worse outcomes because the therapy is ineffective except to give the patient side effects.

    Prostate cancer and breast cancer screening are cases in point.

    5. Arguing with a doctor is pointless. By stepping into the doctors office you imply you are incompetent to manage your own health. The doctor understands this and the patient should too.

    If the patient falls seriously ill, then the emergency room is the place to go. Acute symptoms are easier to spot and treat correctly. But ahead of this people need to be cultivate better knowledge about their own health.

    Most chronic pain that becomes acute illness can be addressed by diet, elimination rest and lifestyle.

    The doctors are trained for years to push drugs. Arguing is useless, if they knew better they would do better, they are not bad people.

  • MotherOfManyHorses

    I, too, live in a backward state where it is illegal to buy/sell raw milk for human consumption. 🙁  I did not catch the name of the milk you sell. Could you post it here?