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Here are some “fast facts” about various aspects of the Disneyland Resort. If you like being a “Disney-cyclopedia” at parties — this is a segment you won’t … Related PostsWhat Career Can I Have in Horticulture?"Top 3 Things to Know in Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow: featuring Mike Griswold with Gartner"University of Illinois Extension HorticultureHydroponics for beginners.All you need to know.15 Vegetable Gardening Tips EVERY Beginner Should Know | Invaluable Grow Your Own TipsKnow Your Farmers: Waipoli Hydroponic Greens, Kula

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  • itravelhere 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your video… This is remarkable.

  • Melissa Bornhofer 5 years ago

    @FantasmicMouse I have all the respect in the world for what Disneyland is
    and has done! I’m just forever a Disney World fan, and this channel just
    doesn’t seem to focus on it much. Sorry!

  • FantasmicMouse 5 years ago

    @xmelissaruthx respect DisneyLAND, the original park.

  • Paulette Martin 5 years ago

    @hglndr9 Nope!

  • bluesman89666 5 years ago

    actually the oldest tree in Disneyland is the petrified tree. almost 50 to
    70 million years old. Walt bought if for his wife Lillian for their
    anniversary, later i believe after Walt’s death. she donated it to the

  • orlandoaileen 5 years ago


  • gymnastgirlflips 5 years ago

    lol for a second I thought she said that the tree is 200 feet tall. I’ve
    been to Storybookland and I must say that that tree is a bit tinier than
    that. Heh, 2 feet. It’s funny because the ducks are as tall as the trees,
    so Peter Pan always says “Ah! Really big ducks!” when he rides with guests.
    So every time I see a duck i think of that attraction and Peter Pan.

  • donlouisfilms 5 years ago

    wow disney is great.

  • bluesman89666 5 years ago

    Disney world blows. Disneyland is the original…greatest park.

  • hglndr9 5 years ago

    @pauletita88 ….no facial hair allowed at DL???

  • orbitingneil 5 years ago

    Eitherway Evan is a cutie!

  • Melissa Bornhofer 5 years ago

    Less Disneyland, more Disney WORLD, please! 😀

  • realwotan 5 years ago

    Yet another reason why Disneyland should offer a tour of its various
    gardens and flower beds.

  • ZealousKnight 5 years ago

    So would an expert in horticulture be a…horticultist? *ba-DUM tsss*

  • Studio Spiral 5 years ago

    I did not know, but now I do. Cool.

  • Paulette Martin 5 years ago

    @hawaiiwaves1221 I actually know Evan! I went to high school with him and
    he’s a good friend of mine, it’s so weird seeing him without a beard!!

  • Jay Moore 5 years ago

    i did not know that 🙂