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  • Brody Brodys 4 months ago

    26 Seconds ago?
    Guess that makes me first :^|

  • LoL WoWitsDestro 4 months ago

    Do people still pvp in this game or is it all pve now

  • Taylor Barnes 4 months ago

    Okay the black barber story is just part of what made this entire stream worth watching since I missed it live XD

  • Rawrstopher 4 months ago

    That hair makes you look like the guy from Mr. Robot.

  • Michal Himmel 4 months ago

    hey llama
    if you make the melee sorc. u have to make her as Immortal queen.. i think u know what that means

  • boringgrass 4 months ago

    when i saw 1:36 i was like shouting get out and take the portal back

  • malawigw 4 months ago

    Nice haircut llama! 🙂

  • Andrew John 4 months ago

    "Farming/Lvling with viewers"
    create game max 1 player

  • DrZyro 4 months ago

    Whats the best way to farm for a dream helm im trying to start my auradin. i can never catch your streams 🙁

  • NastyNate 204 4 months ago

    That teleporting (lagged) charged bolt death… I hate those.
    One time I was playing a strafe zon and had to tp 3 times to beat mephisto. some pally ran in and killed him in a second while I was in town. so shit.

  • Aaron Meneilly 4 months ago

    Hi Mr Lama, Had an interesting thought- perhaps you could give a personal experience on a specific unique (such as tigulated mail) or a historical commentary on when a specific weapon or armour used to be valuable?

    A lot of the romance seems to come from unique items form the old times (i.e grandather) and think this will stimulate players new and old with a personal touch form your own opinions.

    Btw the hair looks well!

  • Ivo Vasov 4 months ago

    OK llama. First – stop doing weird stuff cuz girl is telling you to do it (hair in this case). Second – I <3 u . Third and last – please don't do more of the manly screams, i'm using you as background sound and sometimes it hurts for real

  • Sebastian Patrikios 4 months ago

    An old bug in the game, people use it in duels and I think it's pathetic!

  • francoismanpk 4 months ago

    Any plans on making a hardcore run to hell? If you did one I missed it :O

  • Anders Thomsen 4 months ago

    I've had a pretty decent one week, got enigma and soj now on windy druid, which makes me a pretty reasonable sorc 😀

  • Drew S 4 months ago

    How much mf were you running here? I trade out a lot of my FCR gear for magic find and hit almost 300% with about 20% FCR. Or I could have around 200% with 50% FCR.

    Do you think its more efficient to have less MF with more FCR or vise versa?

  • DTCleaner 4 months ago

    OI mate what happend to your hair :O

  • jans1982 4 months ago

    Maybe Blizzard could copy some things from plugy. It's very useful.

  • Andy Herod 4 months ago

    Do some poe races brotato

  • Believe Inyourself 4 months ago

    ah no way you got that generic gay ass hair cut that every one have loll hope your hair will grow fast enough so we dont see it anymore haha love your video lama you are the best!