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Art Garden Backyard Greenhouse, Homemade Greenhouse, Vertical Garden, Easy Nutrient Change, How To Hydroponics, Urban Farm. Gardening is easy and incredibly fast with the new system, We give a quick update on h Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlantagon Greenhouse DevelopmentHydroponic GreenHouse Fall-Winter 2014Aeroponic Soilless Growing Review AERO Development Corp – Hudson Valley Vertical Farms NY12v homemade hydroponics & greenhouseGreenhouse Update – Vertical Planters on Vertical FAWN, 27 Apr 15Vertical Hydroponics Research and Development

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  • Scottish Bonsai 8 months ago

    Wack a high potash in them they'll soon be fruiting!

  • Brock Hughes 8 months ago

    Ben you are very, very kind person Thanks bro. Forgiving is so true eh bro you can bounce them back if they are in distress so easily. I loved the dropping it all in part bro cause that's me to a tee HHaaaahaaa one of my ph meters is drying out as we speak 🙂 for the "THIRD" time 🙂   I"m sure impressed with the barrel system bro I think you have a great design going there.  Do you have a cost for the system for people who would like to purchase them? They would be absolutely incredible for people who live in apartments with the small balconies eh. Excellent bro! You now bro our friend Brendan Sutton in Australia sent me some morgage lifter seeds so I'm happy to see you growing them as I won't get them going till winter indoors for mother plants. Excellent video Ben as usual!

  • Southpaw Davey urban farm. 8 months ago

    Looking good my pepper is in fruit had it in the basement under a cfl over winter. Did not expect it to fruit lol. What did you say when you lost the pipe 😉

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 8 months ago

    Great job on your video. Pepper plants look awesome. Just picked up a couple pepper plants this weekend & hoping I can get a 2nd year also.

  • Gideon Gardens 8 months ago

    Nice looking pepper plants!

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 8 months ago

    I always wondered how +Brock Hughes and +Rob Bob worked with all of those barrels and did not drop things in there!

  • Homeplace Journal 8 months ago

    How about using bio balls system like what is used in large aquariums? you'd have to set up another chamber(tub) for the bio balls, after the bacteria set up home they keep the ph adjusted. During extreme heat you may have variance. Would rinsed bio-char in net bags do any good?   Chris

  • Art Garden 8 months ago

    Backyard Greenhouse, Homemade Greenhouse, Vertical Garden, Easy Nutrient Change, How To Hydroponics  

  • SleestaksRule 8 months ago

    I have a Trinidad Scorpion pepper I kept indoors and this will be it's second year.  Should do amazing.  It's about 5' tall.