Video Rating: / 5 This video introduces a new training program aimed at community and school garden builders. The project in the video was a pilot program, and will be expanded even further this year. Visit to sign up for this free course
Video Rating: / 5

Developing a School Garden

| Gardening Education | 2 Comments
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  • Mike Taylor

    @FullertonGardenNJ Thanks for the props. One person said I sounded like somebody in 'Reservoir Dogs' – but I never saw it so I don't knw if that's good or bad 😉
    BTW, it is just a PowerPoint slide show.

  • FullertonGardenNJ

    Really like the video! One, you have a great voice! 🙂 And two the classes sound not only interesting and educational but also really fun. Like the color of the background and the way the pictures are introduced into this!

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