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Through Woolly Pocket’s community outreach discount, Team Detroit was able to bring life back to the tragic destruction of the century-old ‘Forrest Arms’ building in Mid-town Detroit. Team Detroit’s “Green the City” project was a success in creating dramatic hanging gardens by using Woolly Pockets! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWoolly Pockets – vertical gardeningWoolly Pockets Demonstration – vertical gardeningEasy Vertical Gardening with Woolly PocketsWoolly Pocket – Vertical Gardening at Longacres!Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planter – Garden House DesignDIY SOS – BBC One – Living Wall Planters by Woolly Pockets – Garden House Design

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  • Maple Flagg 1 year ago

    I live in Detroit and even though this might have sounded like a good idea it just turned out to be an eye sore. It was not attractive at all. Now that I see all the hard work that went into it, I am amazed it didn't turn out better. Keep trying. The next project may be a big hit. Great video!

  • Heather Willis 1 year ago

    Akron and Cleveland can use this. I'd be game to help.

  • LastCynicStanding 1 year ago

    I do not know if it was thought. They used slander to try and destroy honest people's work just to promote a global carbon tax. It has all come out in the wash now in that community. This is why they hijacked the name to climate change and abandoned the nonsense phrase global warming. They want to make a fresh start with the people that do not know they lost all credibility.
    Things like the glaciers shrinking because of less precipitation is because the planet is cooler and other facepalms.

  • Rose Macaskie 1 year ago

    At least everyone knows about Gores contribution to thought. More dangerous are the Koch brothers, whose way of influencing the public is so sneaky that few realise they exist. They are the principle source of ideas that conteradict global warming and guess what. They make their money from petrol so have some motive for keeping the world dirty and plenty of money to start lots of advice organisations, in arts, business, science and such that influence many almost impercetiblly. rose macaskie

  • LastCynicStanding 1 year ago

    Holy crap!
    You still believe the Al Gore lie?
    Look at how polluted your science is. Please turn off the TV while you can still form words.

  • Rose Macaskie 1 year ago

    Putting plants on houses would be just cute but for the fact that plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere reducing carbon gases that reflect heat escaping from the atmosphere back towards us, stopping it going into outer space and that brick is a heat accumulator and heats up cities causing a rises in use of air conditioning, also leaves are shiny and reflect light back to outer space. Also, in winter they reduce heating costs, they are a win win coverer of buildings. rose macaskie madrid.

  • Rose Macaskie 1 year ago

    Yeah and how many people understand why mortages were predatory, it seems that so few really understand this that banks and polititians can say, people were asking too much in loans and social security, the crash was the peoples fault. The big job is still to make everyone understand how crazy financiers went, lending to anyone because they sold on the joys of lending, the right to recieve the interest paid on the money borrowed, on the open market, with a middlemans gain. rose macaskie madrid

  • Rose Macaskie 1 year ago

    Yeah, what happend, how did it look with the plants hung on the buildings and why were they hanging in the windows, taking out lighrt instead of covering hte walls? rose macaskie madrid.

  • daeren reyes 1 year ago

    wow this is nice i hope i can volunteer too

  • ag4coupons 1 year ago

    what happens when a strong storm comes through? All those plants go flying….

  • Laura Powers 1 year ago

    Great project! How many sustainable jobs are going to the population who were sold predatory mortgages?

  • DOS.putin 1 year ago

    Oh cute! It's like.. Detroitlandia.
    "Put Woolly Pocket on it!"

  • Fiddle02 1 year ago

    that guy in the purple shirt looks super high

  • marlarice 1 year ago

    My brother works at Traffic Jam.

  • Isageddes 1 year ago

    you guys are awesome! Wish Montreal had such an initiative. Inspires me to try it for myself on my small island!

  • Erica Williams 1 year ago

    lets take detroit back! Detroit Rocks!!!

  • Erica Williams 1 year ago

    wow i lived on printis for years. i remember the fire. it was crazy.