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Produced by the Media Policy Center for broadcast on PBS and hosted by Dr. Richard Jackson MD whose research in this area was the inspiration for the series, Designing Healthy Cites is a series of one hour episodes that explores how our built environments, from large cities to small towns can help or hurt the public health. Solutions to these design issues are also sought out. Executive Producers & directors Harry Wiland & Dale Bell. Produced, Written, and Edited by Beverly Baroff Video Rating: / 5 Viana do Castelo a Healthy City Vers Related PostsDesigning Healthy Cities Final Project PresentationUtzon Lecture Series: Healthy Built Environments = Healthy CitiesHealthy Cities: PilatesGreen and Healthy Cities: Environmental Exposures and Urban Design for Healthy LongevityGardens and Healthy Cities – Floor AudioWhat sectors need to collaborate to create healthy cities and how different sectors can take action?

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  • happyidiot90049 4 years ago

    Gabby and all: The series has been airing syndicated on public television stations since Jan. 2012. Should you have missed it, DVDs of the 4 one hour programs and the companion book can be purchased on our Designing Healthy Communities website or by calling our office at the Media Policy Center 310 828 2966 I am currently working on a series of 15 short companion videos called the DHC Digital Library that will be available sometime late spring early summer 2013. Thanks for your interest.

  • Gabby Aron 4 years ago

    Where can I find the series to watch?!! This is fantastic


    Viana do Castelo uma cidade com muita qualidade de vida,e muito saudavel para se viver adoro esta cidade…..?

  • sofiane sofi 4 years ago

    gostei muito , cidade bonita

  • Raven Perez 4 years ago

    beautiful city?

  • Marco 4 years ago

    Yes, it is. I am from there! It has everything you could ever want within a city, literally everything.?

  • Sawitta Keawnongyang 4 years ago

    Viana is very beautiful
    i like that
    want to see more

  • the10sign 4 years ago

    ? ? ? (n_n)

  • Luca Scarpellini 4 years ago

    My Love lives here! <3

  • Gil Rocha 4 years ago

    English version.

  • windcrys mary 4 years ago

    sim senhora viana do castelo parece a cidadde do futuro que eu vou querer viver carago, parabens vianenses bom trabalho

  • 1the10sign 4 years ago

    Viva Viana do Castelo!! Esta