Design a narrow flowerbed that looks very rich 🌿💚🌿//Answer to the garden

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  • Philis Bramlett

    I'VE COME TO JUST LOVE YOU AND I LOOK FPRESRD TO LEARNING FROM YOUR GREAT VIDEOS ! You articulate well , your right.on spot and perfectly clear!
    I"m now slightly
    disabled, my budget for my new little home is small. But I'd love some of your ideas for outside my patio door so that I could at least sit and enjoy it .
    I have all Full Sun plants: 2 drk purple lilac bushes , 3 Storm clouds (drfts) and 3 rocking red dianthus. And also a shorter type Marachino dianthis . All sitting here in my sun room bloomin cause its been 30 degrees at night and they did not like it! Could you please Design something for me or refer me to a video ? I also have 1 Humming bird bush. Thank you kindly Just refer to a vjdeo you may have .The chickeken wire fenced yard is approx. 20 ft.wide ├Ś30 ft. Ft. Long . The area outside the patio area in a corner I guess for now woud be great !

  • C and M A

    Could you show an update on another video? My husband and I just made a long narrow bed for a bit of privacy from a neighbor's fire pit. I've planted 5 staggered hydrangeas and am planning on adding some pink echinacea, allium and was thinking of other ideas. Love the pink hibiscus! I would love to see this garden now!

  • Denise Carter

    That is several hundred dollars of pots. The cost has gotten so high for plants that I probably would have three different plants there.

  • Kim Jah

    My narrow flowerbed is 3 feet but I feel I can get away with a variation of this. The bed is common n shaped, it borders my yard as I wanted a privacy screen. I planted some Texas mountain laurels on either sides last Labor Day they survived the winter storm. This spring planted Sioux crape myrtle in the middle flower bed. I want to eventually plant the Veronicas in a variety of colors in the TX mountain laurels flower beds then in crape myrtle beds a variety of plants like what u have maybe knockout roses, purple sage and some others.

  • Sharon Lane

    Placing the hydrangea as a complement to the elderberry foliage elevated this planting to the top tier of the WOW factor. Garden Answer (Laura and Aaron) is my favorite gardening channel. So inspiring!

  • Jennifer McCarthy

    I recently found your channel. This garden is gorgeous! Are the plants too close together (i.e. the ones that grow 3' tall/wide are only ~ foot apart from their neighbors)

  • sarah highett-smith

    Loved this video. Interested to see plants planted fairly closely together … instructions are always to leave so much space between plants which looks awful for ages until they grow up.

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