This video is about Full Time RV Living and Desert Gardens Rock and Gem Fiesta 2016…..Quartzsite AZ…..RVerTV
Took a look at this years Rock Fiesta at Desert Gardens Showgrounds in Quartzsite Arizona 85346

Quartzsite Gem Show…. January 2016

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Bird Creek
“Highway Wildflowers”
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I had trouble getting any information on trails in Kingman, Arizona … so I decided to try Monolith Gardens … and hit the jackpot. What a great trail system and great scenery.
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Desert Gardens Rock and Gem Fiesta 2016…..Quartzsite AZ…..RVerTV

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  • Roger Dole

    So look forward to your videos and thank you for all your good help! Do you think you will come back to Quartzsite next year?

  • Merlin

    Glad to see the sun shining. Hope the weather is good for the sell a thon. It's been jacket weather hasn't it?

  • Roger Hanks

    Oh I just wanted to give you a update on that Ultrastar I may purchase? The passenger side windshield is broken spider cracked about 10 inches down the windshield, so it cant be repaired. I recieved a quote today to have it replaced and they are telling me about $1700 just for the windshild? and then I would need it installed? Oh man! and the airbags all need replaced along with all new tires, brakes and batteries? and I also need I think? a new radiator, water pump and thermostat, spark plugs and ignition wires. tranny and rear end serviced and few more odds and ends. I'm thinking somewhere around $8000 maybe a bit more and that's doing alot of work to it myself? So now I'm thinking it may not be worth buying? But I don't know when it's all said and done it will be about $12,000 total investment in it. encluding the price of purchasing it? but at least I would know what is done to it and where it stands. It would be pretty much a solid motorhome after all the work. But I don't know if I could just spend $12,000 on a motorhome already done? then I wouldn't have to work on it at all? other than small little odd jobs to make it mine? But like I said before the quality of the Ultrastar motorhome is absolutely awesome. So I'm stuck in my thinking now? Should I wait and just spend about $12,000 on one. I'm sure if I waited I could find a very nice motorhome for that price without all the work I would have to do? I know a friend of mine purchased a very nice Southwind diesel pusher with about 48,000 miles on it and only about 200 hours on the generator and always garage kept for a whopping $14,000. He scored big time. New tires, Instahot system, solar panels and a very nice tow dolly that he sold for $1500 making to Southwind only $12,500. So now I'm stuck? should I wait or just go for it? Take care. Hawk

  • Shelly Rusek

    Well……….that is a LOT of rock for sale there!!! I guess if you like rocks that would be the place to go. Great video Russ.


    Being from the Midwest, the first time I was out there in Q-zite in 2011 I was literally AMAZED at all the rock hounds!! Still don't get it, but to each his own right? Safe Travels to you!

  • Bill Long

    In the middle of a rocky desert, people are selling rocks. In the summer they go north and sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

  • shanrode

    The big mountains that Kingman is at the base of are the Hualapai Mountains. The big factory is Nucor Steel.

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