Derrick Graves is a man on the rise at Tecta America. He started a little over a year ago as a serviceman and was recently promoted to shop manager at Anthony Roofing, a Tecta America company. His movement in the roofing industry did not happen overnight. He worked as a roofer for twelve years straight, though he never planned on working on roofs long-term. “At first, I stayed because of the money, but then I took part in an apprenticeship where I learned how to be a worker. I also liked the grind and taking on new challenges,” he said.

He eventually transitioned into a serviceman, and learned about the detailed aspects of his trade. “I started identifying problems in roofing systems, which is a big responsibility because that determines how a project will turnout,” he said. His new responsibilities prepared him for the role of shop manager. As the man in charge of Anthony Roofing’s warehouse, Derrick prepares equipment and building materials for roofing crews and foreman. “I answer to the operations manager, the superintendent, and all of the foreman,” he said. His job can be stressful, but not all the time. The best part of his day is at four in the morning when the warehouse is still empty. “I love the peace and quiet; it helps me plan for what will happen during the work day.”

Derrick credits his ascension in the roofing industry to the relationships he formed with coworkers and bosses. “Everyone (coworkers) is willing to show you something as long as you’re willing to put in the work and learn,” he said. The career path for a roofer is mixed and can take workers to different roles. Derrick does not want to rest on his laurels. He has mapped out a five-year plan that will lead to a project management role. “I like the business side of roofing. I enjoy looking at numbers and budgets,” he said.

While his career has changed, Derrick encourages people curious about roofing to go for the opportunity. “Everyone needs a roof. There will always be work in this industry,” he said.
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Derrick Graves – Tecta America Video

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