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  • Kelly Ye 4 years ago

    1:04 thought he was swearing

  • Gryffin P 4 years ago

    Damn! I though American reality shows were messed up. You Brits take it to a whole other level!

  • xBroder98 4 years ago

    I would have pushed him

  • Richard Veljkovic 4 years ago

    Makes me sick seeing sheeple like these.. more because i know how people are manipulated on global level using schools, religion, media, governments…

  • SilenceEruptsGL 4 years ago

    While this was an amazing experiment and was very well done, I feel the ending should have been more thought out. Only reason why I say this is because they may have been a select few that jumped off possibly themselves just to get out of the situation. Of course, that most likely wouldn't happen and I'm thinking way to far into it, but it's just the fact that I see it as a possibility in my head that worries me.

  • Nikki 4 years ago

    EXTREME SOCIAL EXPERIMENT (gone wrong) (gone sexual) (gone wild)

  • Spirit Fox Gaming 4 years ago

    I opened cases in CSGO before watching this… 37:19 was ruined for me Kappa

    Then again if there were ever a Live Action CSGO Crate Opening, This would be it LOL

  • Max McKellar 4 years ago

    I am fascinated with everything this man comes up with I have been for a long time but this one had me on edge a little. I know they themselves applied to the show and probably signed contracts but this HAS to be against some sort of ethical guidelines. Similar to Zimbardo's experiment in a lot of ways. Interesting but unethical either way Derren is a legend

  • CoolAsFinnBro 4 years ago

    Lol Burnie helps drag his fake dead body from under the stage then runs!

  • CoolAsFinnBro 4 years ago

    Wow that suggestion though "push", "whatever it takes"

  • TonyHammDrums 4 years ago

    "Would you kindly"

  • Kaspurr Cakes 4 years ago

    This show is insane, it's like watching a second-hand nightmare.
    Derren brown's conclusion in the end reminded me of the anime death parade- it doesn't actually matter who got pushed to the edge or didn't, it's just what was set up for them to react in a certain way. I recommend watch death parade if you like things like this. It's about a broken system of judgement in the afterlife that takes place in a bar. The bartender takes in two people at a time who have extreme emotions towards one another, mostly hatred, and makes them play games to judge who gets pushed to the edge first- which is how he judges where they go. Broken system, quite entertaining.

  • Faheem A 4 years ago

    He played a good dead guy

  • Gary Dixon 4 years ago


  • Simeon Nikolov 4 years ago

    CIA knows best

  • Chase Brewer 4 years ago

    18:05 "Even laughing at Bernie's bad jokes." Oh, come on that had to have been genuine. I laughed. There's no way he didn't find that funny.

  • king slayer 4 years ago

    34.22, thank me later

  • SnipeZ 4 years ago

    58:12 Bernie made mistake when he said at roof that Chris kick him when actually he didn't. (Sorry for my English)

  • Natas Gabel 4 years ago

    do you get it the campaign is calles "push" and has hands that represent him pushing him

  • ajh1234 4 years ago

    "he's dragging a dead body out the room without questioning it , this is good"