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This video made by the ” rabbit” using iMovie, iTunes purrchased is NO RAIN by Backing Traxx. Originally by BLIND MELON. We have another, may🐝 even 2 other videos we use this song in . See if you can findem!🙄😳😃 ✨Keep away from the North Saskatchewan river from Rising height , fast currents and debris. 🚒warning from fire dept.. that last storm system dumped lots of rain and several creeks etc are drain into our city’s river. 🐝extra careful if your dog plays in the river .( ie) the dog parks near the North Saskatchewan. 🐶🐺 🎥LAPSE IT app used to get the timelapse used in this video👍 GET IT! Use a tripod. We have many timelapse vids on our channel and more clouds to upload soon. Cats, ducks, Syrian kids having fun, zoo , and a dedication video are on the upload plan . 🐯 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDept. of Hotel ManagementDept. of Hotel ManagementUgreenS – Fernando presents project managementJi Hotel Xiamen Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street – Project of the Week 3/20/17Green Wall Installation by Green Systems at Hotel Hyatt, New DelhiJARD

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  • Eugenia&Robert 1 year ago


  • catherine macdonald 1 year ago

    Really cool, CFC! Thanks!

  • Warlanda 1 year ago

    beautiful video on so many levels; thank you and thanks to the Green and Gold community! <hugs>

  • StarFire Alternity 1 year ago

    Top Job People , its always the people that want to help , government NEVER want to , they just create the chaos ( and weather)
    Something the NEVER do is ever help Rwanda , over in Africa , is a testing for anything the new World Order Scumbags want to test , the whole country is a Living Laboratory.
    They put country and against country and make aggression where it's not wanted

    Thanks buddy for beeing the caring guy that you are , and all others present there 🙂 Top Marks