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DELTA® Gardenroof System, a premium solution for extensive green roofs, is easy and quick to install and maintain. This video provides a step-by-step guide. The green roof shown in this video was installed in 8 hours by three people – and has since been virtually maintenance free. Due to the high water-retention capacity of this system, artificial irrigation is not required. DELTA®-ROOTBARRIER provides reliable protection against root penetration for any existing waterproofing. DELTA®-FLORAXX provides the highest level of water retention and effective drainage of surplus water. DELTA®-BIOTOP reliably separates the growing medium from the water retention mat. The System allows for fast and simple installations, and provides the functional basis for a beautiful and virtually maintenance-free green roof. This is part 1 of a 2-part sequence. Visit for more info. Related PostsXero Flor Canada Sherway Green Roof InstallationInstallation logo on roof De BoerGreen Roof Installationvideo on advanced Heat Insulation cum roof waterProofing installation techniques /systems in IndiaUrbanScape Green Roof InstallationLondon Eco Metal Roof Manufacturing – Eco Tile Installation (Method 2)

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