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I wanted to show off my monster Heirloom Hill Billy Tomato growing in DWC. A VR for Brock @ My Greenhouse project. Hydroponic Tomatoes Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow I Built My DWC System – Recirculating Deep Water Culture – Hydroponic Peppers & Tomatoes EASYHow to Build an Easy Hydroponic Deep Water Culture DWC Bucket SystemHow to build recirculating deep water culture hydroponic bucket system how to grow hydroponic foodBubble Boy Deep Water System – Grow Plants with Hydroponics! Simply and Easy!recirculating deep water culture hydroponic grow system7PACK Recirculating DWC Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Grow System (High Aeroponics Harvests!)

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  • steven clifford 4 years ago

    how long will it take for the tomato plant to go through the 5 gallon bucket of water. I just started mine in a 5 gallon bucket growing under a grow light , but plan on moving it outside come summer, wondering how long I can leave the plant maintenance free for once it gets big.

  • kae aldz 4 years ago

    this is awesome and interesting, hope to see you do AQUAPONICS.

  • Sam Irshaid 4 years ago

    Good Job…. I'll be starting my Hydroponic and would really appreciate a step by step video starting from planting seeds to what nutrients brand used.  Thanks

  • premankerto 4 years ago

    dude its beautifull!! great job

  • Miguel correa ortiz 4 years ago

    that you use nutrients in tomatoes

  • stephen Teo 4 years ago

    whats is the nutrients,can you share

  • Hort Hydro 4 years ago

    Nice plants!!!!
    Really like your videos,just sub u.
    What were you feeding your plants with for the dwc.
    I'm going to try growing tomatoes in a undercurrent system(which I think is pretty much the same)
    Did you peak them out at 2000ppm late bloom?

  • Stephan Paul 4 years ago

    haha i dont know why you keep saying tomato "plant"  thats a tree!!!!

  • caligirlHI Char 4 years ago

    So much better than using soil. 

  • sam mich 4 years ago

    Don't you need bees to cross pollinate.?

  • eric sunda 4 years ago

    Great work! I am amazed by the output of those tomatoes. Imagine having around 500 trees and production is all year round!! Do not need to go to work, lousy boss, traffic jams and a lot more boring stuff. Make some bucks with so much comfort, well not so much but a lot easier and enjoyable.
    Did u see how meanshoes was enjoying some beer on the job!!!

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 4 years ago

    Hi Sumi, I only used compost tea on 1 bucket & the rest I used hydroponic nutrients.

  • sumip90x . 4 years ago

    Question you were using Compost Tea right for this hydroponic setup?

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 4 years ago

    Thanks again Brock ! Would be interesting to see how a DWC would compare with your dutch bucket system.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 4 years ago

    Yea I was starting to wonder about that.

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 4 years ago

    They sure do crack a lot less due to the constant water, container tomatoes without reg watering crack easily.

  • meanshoes 4 years ago

    Those are awesome bro! Wow! I agree with you 100 percent on the taste. I had to kinda get used to them 🙂 They sure grow a husky plant eh 🙂 Well done Larry excellent job so much so I may do some DWC in the near future 🙂 Beautiful tomatoes bro!


  • Quietwoods2 4 years ago

    Applause, great color too. (sound of clapping)!

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 4 years ago

    Thanks Rick ! Hopefully I can join the 1lb tomato club. Fingers crossed-lol

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 4 years ago

    Pretty crazy huh. Thanks again !