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  • dean jones 1 year ago

    Hey I'm a total beginner. I do understand that the water needs to be changed about every month or so I would like to kno how to tell when the water is due for a changing?

  • Bobby Radical 1 year ago

    why do fan leaves go limp and then dry completely out???

  • Jake Jay 1 year ago

    So i bought, a 5 gallon DWC bucket from amazon and also purchased the general organics starter kit and started with a 6 inch cannabis plant, established healthy roots already, pH tested my water and added the recommended amount of "Thrive" and Ca Mag and Bio Root witch they all compliment each other and work hand in hand. So a close estimate of how much i was putting in, it showed to put 5ml for every gallon so I added 20ml total cause it wasn't completely 5 gallons and i figured wouldn't make much of a difference. And 5ml a gallon was recommended for all 3 of the nights i put in. So, the following day i noticed it was bubbling up through the net pot so i simply emptied a little out and then noticed my water was dirty and murky and smelled a bit. ( I'm aware nutrients don't smell the best) but it was a noticeable smell from a good way away. Anyways long story short, my plant ended up dying about a month after that. I changed water every 2 weeks, and added even less notes the second time. Did i shock the root system? What you think happened.

  • Mike O 1 year ago

    Once a month w water/nute change!? More like once a week. Deff no more than 10 days. Idk where you came up with a month

  • Ellis Gray 1 year ago

    Great video thanks a lot. – Here are 5 of my tomato plants. I started them off in soil, under cheap led lamps. Things weren't going so well, and over time I got together all the parts you mentioned in the video, and last week things got serious haha.

    I replanted them from soil as carefully as i could into the net pots and added the grow medium for support.

    I have a 250WATT CFL above these now, and they have taken off, along with my power bill. The plants themselves we're all started from seeds found in tomatoes i bought from the store. I honestly don't care if they never fruit (determinate/indeterminate plants), but as titled on imgur, this is the difference from Monday – Thursday. Wow!

    Anyways, this seems to be taking off well, so thanks again for the info !

  • Snoar Kl 1 year ago


  • T Abbs 1 year ago

    What kind of fertilizer you would use. Is liquid fertilizer better??

  • T Abbs 1 year ago

    what about the nutrients??

  • VanillaSnake21 1 year ago

    +Epic Gardening I'm starting a similar system right now and just wanted to know what the purpose of the hydroton is? From what I can understand it's mostly used in systems that are quasi-hydroponic, as in they don't use soil but keep the substrate like hydroton on a drip line with a nute solution. In purely hydroponic system like this, where the entire root is suspended in the solution why use baskets/other media? Why can't I just submerge the plant right where the roots begin?

  • Harry de Vokone 1 year ago

    Can you also use slow realese fertiliteit as nutriënt?


  • John Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Thanks for the succinct primer. I'm currently working on making a greenhouse aeroponics system completely powered by solar energy and I found this to be informative and awesome. The plan is to build a system that will grow food all year and eventually even make it modular so that one can buy a simple starter setup and then add as needed to the desired output. That way the start up cost is low and one can slowly build on it when they have money to spend. Eventually, the cost to maintain should equalize (and hopefully overcome) with the amount of food one produces along with eating a better product that you can control without any terrible additives that may impact health in the long run. The idea is to also make it mobile so that if you move, it isn't so much of a hassle or if you rent or are in an apartment, you can still use the system to a smaller degree. Maybe even develop micro gardens. Any thoughts or suggestions on your experiences you could give would be appreciated.

  • Douglas Vasquez 1 year ago

    Would a 120w CFL bulb work for seeding using the DWC system? and how far apart should the light be? Please advise.

  • Open To Truth 1 year ago

    Great info, add the seed growing from start to finish will complete this video. I am just starting in Washington but have run into a wall for information. People say they don't want more competition. I just want lower cost medication. So looking for a start to finish video. This is the seed watch it grow in your new system. I have birthed babies/ brought five patients back to life but gardening is so foreign to me. Read Ed Rosenthal's book excellent info but need some hands on experience to complete. This video doesn't show it all and the ADD makes it difficult to stay on task LOL.  

  • Vincent André 1 year ago

    the tube is filled with air only, no need to have an opaque one, no algae should find its way in.

  • Ike D 1 year ago

    How can i add CO2 to this set up?

  • Diamond Light 1 year ago

    how would we know when we have to change the nutrients solution?

  • Geppy Gep 1 year ago

    Will the lava rocks prevent the roots from coming through the basket holes?

  • james b 1 year ago

    Im currently doing an experiment with super hot peppers. I got C. reapers in a DWC, in raised beds, and in Air Pots. So far the Deep water culture plant is vastly outperforming the other methods. I believe that it has to do with the plants ability to obtain nutrients and oxygen so easily in DWC. I use distilled water and change out every month. Once the plants get bigger water levels need to be checked every few days because the plants really start using it up fast.