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This film was made for Documentary purposes for medical Cannabis patients and Legal Adults – We DO NOT encourage illegal or dangerous activities on this channel. DEEP WATER CULTURE SYSTEMS (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch UK LINK GERMANY LINK FRANCE LINK Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon – 6″ Buckets CANADA LINK Hydroponic Recirculating Deep Water Culture System with Root Spa. (4) 5 Gallon Buckets + 1 Control HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System CANADA LINK Viagrow Black Bucket Deep Water Culture System, 8 pack Hydro West AquaBuckets 5 Gallon 6 Site DWC Hydroponic System with Mixing Cell and 200 Mesh Filter LED LIGHTS Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200w Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Advanced Platinum Series P9-XML2 855w GET 10% OFF CROP KING SEEDS – USE THE CODE: DRAUTO420 Grow Equipment 2x2f Grow Tent 3x3f Grow Tent 4x4f Grow Tent 5x5f Grow Tent Fox Farm Soil 2 GALLON GROW POTS 3 GALLON GROW POTS 5 GALLON GROW POTS Fox Farm Fertilizer Trio Pack FoxFarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit 4 inch INLINE FAN 6 INCH INLINE FAN 6 INCH INLINE FAN AND CARBON FILTER 4 inch Ducting 6 inch Ducting 12 inch Ocilating Fan Electric Timer PH METER TDS METER (TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS) Air Pump and Air Stone Temp/Humidity Meter – We are Affiliates of Amazon and get a commission […]

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