Added by on 2016-01-19 Install a vertical garden / living wall in your home with this recirculating system. You can get your get with lighting and on rollers allowing you to install a living wall almost anywhere. The metal framing in various finishes ensures that your vertical garden will fit with any decor. Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsLiving wall kit installationGreen Wall Living System Planter Step By Step InstallationBright Green GroVert Living Wall InstallationVertical Living Wall – VerTexx Installation GuideSimple Green Living Wall Installation

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  • Nikola Stojanovic 2 years ago

    Dont they need more soil ??

  • Jan Gerits 2 years ago

    I went to the website but cannot find this model. Under which header can I find this garden / living wall with this recirculating system

  • Urban Zeal Planters 2 years ago

    @AjayKagitha You can change the plants as you like, but you do have the option of making it permanent. You would need to prune the plants every six months to a year to keep them a manageable size.. but that's about it. The roots can get all the nutrients they need when the plants are watered – just add a bit of water-soluble fertilizer once a month or so.

  • Ajay Kagitha 2 years ago

    The arrangement looks great, but through the time with no room for root growth – will the plants be healthy or survive for long time. Or, is this a temporary arrangement where you keep changing plants every 4-6 months?

  • Urban Zeal Planters 2 years ago

    @missuswrinkle In this system the water is pumped up from the reservoir at the bottom automatically a couple times a day. You'd just put in some liquid fertilizer every so often (could be once a month) and that gives the plants everything they need.

  • Mel A. 2 years ago

    That looks very interesting and the plants are so nice. But I was wondering with just the roots and that cloth u used, will the plants survive longer? How do you water them? Like the usual way of watering plants?