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DE-“MIST”-IFYING: HIGH PRESSURE AEROPONICS. WHY AND HOW . A look at aeroponics Especially the high pressure variety (+100psi). What it is, why you might want to use it and how to build a system of your own for under 0. let me know in the comments what we should grow in ours. parts list with affiliate links: seaflo 100psi pump: can usa Seaflo Accumulator tank: can usa solenoid: can usa 1/4″adaptors: can usa bulkhead/drain:can usa timers:can usa mister/fogger kit:can usa 1/4″ shut off valves:can power supply: can mesh pots: can mylar: can hyydroton: can mesh grid: can t5 ho 8 bulb: can Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLow and High pressure aeroponics system update as on 25 december. Things are getting exciting.From Soil To High Pressure Aeroponics ( Air Atomizing )High pressure Aeroponics in the TreeFrog by MultiponicsHigh Pressure Aeroponics System Components ExplainedDIY High pressure Aeroponics system grow tower fully functioning.High Pressure Aeroponics

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  • Chino Piff 1 month ago

    Great video

  • seh voon Lu 1 month ago

    Great video and very informative. A quick question for you. Is the timer for the solenoid valve in sync with the timer for the pump?

  • Andres Rubio Rivera 1 month ago

    Thank you very much friend, your video has been very helpful for us here in Chile. The mister / fogger kit is sold out in the amazon link that you left in the video description. Do you know if it can be obtained elsewhere or if there is any substitute system in Amazon? really thanks again

  • Sam S 1 month ago

    please turn off any background music.

  • Joe Whitney 1 month ago

    Nice video! Super informative and I dig the tunes! Just getting into High Pressure Aeroponics myself!

  • Roberto Katalinic 1 month ago

    Excellent video. Can you do a follow up on how the system is holding up?

  • Jonathan Bailey 1 month ago

    Ty man… Just getting started myself

  • I am a Star Citizen 1 month ago

    You are a scruffy bastard, but all good

  • Jon Osterman 1 month ago

    Hey man, got another question for you. These TOGOAL timers you used, how fine is the recycle function? Can you take it down to like 2 or 3 seconds on? Because I am using a spartan series recycle timer and it can only go down to 6 seconds on. That is the lowest interval for the on function with those. Not that six seconds is too much. It seems to be a good number, actually. But in the future I would like to be able to do 2 or 3 seconds on instead of 6.

  • Jon Osterman 1 month ago

    Also wondering if you have had any issues with that polyvinyl tubing running from the pump to the accumulator? I am using 3/8 ID polyvinyl just to connect my filter and accumulator to the pump in/out. I am using 1/4 OD PU tubing the rest of the way with RO quick connect fittings (it was a bitch finding all the right sizes and whatnot). Also wondering if the brass solenoid has been okay for you so far? Thanks for any help.

  • Jon Osterman 1 month ago

    Hey man, again, thanks for the info here. I am in the process of testing my build, and I am wondering why you put the filter between the solenoid and the accumulator. I was going to put mine between the reservoir output and the pump intake. Is there a reason why you put it where you did? If so, I would love to know why. So far I have no problems with where mine is places, as far as the system cycling and what not. I have yet to place live cuttings in, as I am waiting for space to open up in my veg room. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Techno Tard 1 month ago

    How was it you fried the solenoid? Did you mismatch the AC or DC delivery to the solenoid or did you mismatch the voltage, 24v to 12v solenoid?

  • Boddah 1 month ago

    3:39 Why wouldn't you want hairy root growth?.

    Have you upgraded? your HPA system, if so what are you currently using now?.

  • Caleb Kelley 1 month ago

    Hey man, I really enjoyed the video. Is there anyway you can post the parts list of the finished build in the description box? I would like to try to make the same build.

  • Atom izer 1 month ago

    Nice job,. i would switch out the clear tubing for black to prevent algae. Ideally, you should run the system drain to waste which will ensure your plants receive elementally stable, perfectly clean nutrient from start to finish. Its less work, no checking or adjusting EC or PH, no topping up or dumping the res, you just refill it when its gone. The 10-24 threaded brass patio misting nozzles are very easy to clog, check them often and have plenty of spares on hand. If you run it right, you`ll find the tote isnt big enough to handle the roots of 4 plants 😉

  • Sarah Johnstone 1 month ago

    Hell ya!! Best one yet for sure!! Had to have a smoke after that 1, best part of the video was 13.50 close the door! Lol

  • Ricardo marx 1 month ago

    It was really cool … I liked it.