David Chapman of Long Wind Farm in Thetford, Vermont, discusses the past, present, and future of organic certification in the US, and efforts to keep organic farming based on healthy soil rather than hydroponic solutions. This is a video presentation made at the 11th Annual Organic Producers Conference, sponsored by the Organic Research Centre, in Birmingham, England on Feb 2, 2017. More information about these efforts to maintain organic integrity, plus videos of the farmers’ protest in Vermont in October 2016 can be seen at keepthesoilinorganic.org.
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David Chapman on "Soil and Hydroponics in Organic" (Organic Producers Conference, England)

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  • K kawa

    I AM thankful that the USDA ruled against this fear mongering, self interested jackass. Hydroponics is clean, and organic. I am for hydroponic Organic, thats fine. He can be called soil organic, soil organic is toxic to the native earth.

  • Brad Wilson

    This is a great statement of the larger, newer more holistic paradigm of science that organic farming represents. It's great that organic farming has found a way to get paid premium prices for farming within this context. It's understandable that those in the old paradigm continue to try to find ways to capture some of this value for themselves without fulfilling the needs of the paradigm. Hydroponic should create it's own label, and make its case that way.

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