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On March 6, 2014, the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design invited a panel of green roof experts that represent development, design, construction and regulatory stakeholders to discuss how to get green roofs right. This event was part of the Building, Ecology, Science and Technology (B.E.S.T.) lecture series. What’s better, a green roof or a cool roof? Is rainwater harvesting more important than mitigating urban heat island effect? How effective are green roofs at managing stormwater? What is a responsible alternative to green roofs where they are not feasible? How important are irrigation, soils and plant selection for a healthy green roof? Are you confused by the conflicting Toronto Green Roof Bylaw and LEED requirements? Toronto is the first city in North America to have a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development as of May, 2009. Since its inception, a number of issues and questions have emerged that present challenges and opportunities to all green roof stakeholders. Listen to an expert panel present their perspective on the Toronto Green Roof Bylaw and their views on how it can be improved to deliver all of the benefits that green roof technology promises. Joe D’Abramo has practiced as a city planner with the City of Toronto for 34 years, where, as Acting Director of Zoning and Environmental Planning, he was involved in both development approval and policy formulation. His work has focused on researching and developing policies related to environmental impacts of urban development practices involving water quality, air quality, noise and contaminated soil issues. He is responsible for preparing Toronto’s new city wide Zoning Bylaw including work on city-wide amendments governing drive throughs, renewable energy devices and front yard parking. His environmental planning work includes preparation of the Toronto Green Standard, […]

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