Dan Pearson on immersive space in landscape design

Dan Pearson’s work in landscape design aims to encourage people to participate in the space in a more interesting way. Through landscape design, Dan Pearson created works for specific locations, aiming to establish a sense of place and capture the mood and atmosphere of the surrounding environment. At the 2012 Design Indaba Conference, Pearson talked about designing gardens for a thousand years and why education about nature and gardening is important. Speaking of his extensive landscape design work in Japan, Pearson explained that he likes to create spaces so that people can be part of nature-which is becoming rarer in the urban era. Pearson said that the garden is an extraordinary place, and we have created an immersive space that allows people to interact with the environment. Pearson also talked about the bonsai gardens on the streets of Tokyo, the juxtaposition of culture in the gardens, and getting out of the comfort zone into more wild places. .


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  • Doreen Cremer

    This is fabulous and quite inspiring especially the design ethos that you so eloquently described. I love the way the gardens also either enclose on one or free one from confines mostly in our psyche. Fabulous!!

  • Brett Price

    Wonderful presentation. I feel that Dan and the team in at Millennium Forest have created one of most beautiful spaces in the world. This is most certainly a bucket list item for me.

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