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ABC Amsterdam will officially be the first building to get a green roof as part of the Dutch governments new subsidy program. The local city council would like to see more green in Amsterdam – and they’re aiming high. Rather than plant more trees and create more parkland in this compact capital, they want to stimulate residents and businesses to go green where there is still space left over on their roofs! What might once have seemed a wild idea is actually very practical: a city with green roofs helps bring the temperature down in summer, countering the Urban Heat Island Effect. It adds a good dose of healthy oxygen to the air, encourages birds and insects back to the city, and of course, green roofs look amazing. Humans tend to be happier in greener spaces too. When we took over the Spui 12 building in 2006, we used as many natural materials as possible: from the bamboo flooring and counters, to the grass in the panels on the railings, to the real tree that shoots up through the first two floors. A green roof fits us perfectly. So on Wednesday April 21st, from 12 noon, green roof experts De Dakdokters covered the top of our store with sedum, a leafy little succulent also known as stonecrop – that stores water and can survive heavy rainfall and drought. Find us elsewhere: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | For stock checks, please call our email our stores directly! AMSTERDAM: Spui 12, 1012 XA +31 (0)20 625 5537 THE HAGUE: Lange Poten 23, 2511 CM +31 (0)70 364 2742 Video Rating: / 5 Apex Green Roofs installs a vegetative roof on the top of Boston NPR affiliate, WGBH Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOptigrGreen […]

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