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  • donfairview2001 3 years ago

    What is the pump or air compressor you are using? would love to see a whole build on this beauty

  • Joe Bray 3 years ago

    Its good of you to have the heart of a servant. Our vets need more people who understand and don't judge.
    I like your set up. Enjoy Arizona. To hot for me.

  • JOYCE D 3 years ago

    Very nice set-up and interesting. Also it's nice for you to kind of others need more like you in this world.

  • Oscar Paredes 3 years ago

    Nice set up! Thank you for sharing.
    Could you share where I can purchase those 55 gallon drums?

  • Philip Quirino 3 years ago

    Have you made a parts list yet?

  • Ryan Mckever 3 years ago

    Great video. Do you have a parts list.

  • everythingpies 3 years ago

    Hey Todd, You have a great system. Thanks for sharing. I have some questions.
    If I understand correctly, you're running the misters 24/7, no timer?
    Also, how do you start the plants, do you seed it in rockwool and transfer to tower when roots appear? What are you doing for nutrients?

  • rob shock 3 years ago

    Great video Todd. Any chance on a parts list for the pumping system heads Etc?

  • Scrublandz 3 years ago

    Great Video, Thanks for the update. How many towers do you think you can run off the one CDP6800? Thanks again.