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More cute fairy garden ideas for kids, a sweet miniature beach themed fairy garden kit with a lighthouse, fairy deck chairs shells and all manner of fairy garden accessories and fairy garden supplies More cute miniature fairy garden and mini fairy garden ideas from Away with the fairies. How to make a fairy garden videos HOW TO MAKE A CUTE MINIATURE FAIRY GARDEN A huge hit in the US, fairy gardens (also known as miniature fairy gardening) combines dwarf plants with miniature ornaments, fairy houses and other fairy garden accessories to create a whimsical miniature world or a lovely fairy trail. Limited only by your imagination, miniature fairy gardens provide endless opportunities for artistic expression and encourage imaginitive play by children. Fairy Gardens are often created in a container such as a planter, drawer half barrel, or large pot, but of course can be incorporated into a rockery or main garden. Many people find that the container forms a neat border for a fairy garden and enhances the miniature look but the beauty of miniature gardening is that no two are ever the same. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR FAIRY GARDEN To care for your fairy garden, be sure to water it regularly. Also, feel free to give a gentle pruning to any plantings that seem to outgrow their space. If you happen to lose a plant or it is not doing well, just gently remove it from the garden and replace it with something else. These gardens are always growing, changing and evolving—just like our regular gardens. When you think about adding fairy garden accessories, the only limit is your creativity. When i make a mini fairy garden I like to incorporate both store-bought and homemade items. When I am out and about, I seem to always have […]

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