This {longer} video shows all of my current Pocket Chic Sparrow Notebooks, and how I decide which notebooks make the final cut when paring down. I hope you enjoy how my thought process goes! Also, I’m considering getting a Caspian, because I know you will ask. 😉

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Current Pocket Chic Sparrow Collection

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  • Joda Mendoza

    Yowza. Love the look of ALLLLLL that! I’ve been destashing in BST and think I’m done culling. All of my little ones have sold. I didn’t own anything you didn’t already have in your collection.
    Oh… and we can lament together. When Poseidon went up on the CS website, I had just decided to be an adult and waited to long to get an A6. Missed out on honey and never knew about Claire until you picked her up. I do have an A6 Siren… she was my first and will always be with me.
    Have you any A6 you need to part with?

  • Dianne Grant

    I’m with you… CS does outstanding on the notes. We all must remember… we get them quicker as they are already made n ready just waiting for an order. At the moment your order is fulfilled… that is as close as they can get. Three days later.. it’s in your hands … vs waiting 2 months!

  • Crystal Momma

    Watching you while having my morning coffee. You are like with your chic sparrow as I am with my watercolor there is so many colors and they all are unique. You make me smile!

  • sfcanola

    Chic Sparrow's pocket size is my favorite too. And Field Notes' new summer edition – nine different National Parks – is beyond wonderful and will look great in my three Chic Sparrows. Thanks for a very entertaining video. Judd

  • Megan Ray Ropple

    Such a fun video!! I’m new to the TN world & I absolutely love your videos! I am an Ohio girl too! HI!
    I am dying to get my first pocket but so wish I could feel these leathers in person. I am eyeing the chamomile as yellow is my favorite color but can’t decide if i should go for a more neutral brown like earl grey instead! Love the look of your Pemberleys also! 🙂

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