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Bristol Township Police were on scene reporting smoke showing from an apartment. Third District Battalion 14 requested any apparatus who are not responding to be replaced due to the police report. Battalion 14 arrived on scene reporting a three story garden style apartment building with smoke showing. Levittown #2 Deputy 13 took interior and confirmed a working bedroom fire. Edgely Ladder 10 was first in and came straight into the court yard and pulled their bumper line to the interior. Engine 14 did the same and pulled a backup line to the interior. Croydon Ladder 11 crew assisted with ventilation and interior operations. Engine 52-1 dropped into a hydrant across Green Lane and Bristol Engine 501 picked it up. William Penn Engine 77 was assigned RIT. Fire was placed under control at 14:15 hours. Crews from Bristol, Fairless Hills and Tullytown assisted on the fireground. Bucks County Medic 143 stood by. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts1970’s & 1980’s Spring Garden Township Fire Dept Part 2Bristol Healthy City Week1st smart Healthy City & Communities Township In Iskandar MalaysiaRove’s Complaints Dept. – Madison Square GardenAmber Gardens Apartments in Tempe, AZ – ForRent.comColonade Gardens – Apartments For Rent In Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Ben Meyer 1 year ago

    Lol 2:25 "call me your lawyer bitch" Good video Ron.

  • Wrfd46ff 1 year ago

    Chief 13's lid was white in the beginning lol.

  • James Barela 1 year ago

    I see all these negative comments about what they did wrong, but out of all the firefighting videos I see on youtube, these fighters by far have a little pep in their step and is what I, as a bystander would expect to see. I see too many firefighters that are taking their sweet time getting out the equipment and just look generally disinterested in being there. I don't need any responses about how hard their job is. I know it's hard, I'm just saying. if my house were on fire I would want them to have some sense of urgency for my piece of mind.

  • Kevin Hancock 1 year ago

    im a u.k firefighter and was shocked at some of your protocol .i see that the 2 guys by the door were donning up there ba sets in a smoky environment which is a no no in the u.k.secondly you have crews breaking windows and venting even before any media is put on the fire. which of course is fanning the fire ? we never ventilate unless the order is given by the made conditions inside that building almost to the point of a flashover by entrailing ventilation in a fire thst wasnt under control ? and than when the building was eventually vented you decide to you ppv fans. ..very strange

  • Ken Sagendorph 1 year ago

    This is a good training video for multiple reasons. Everything from Basic fireground operations, PPE, SCBA, and even some tactical operation. The bottom line, lucky no one got killed and everyone went home. I would like to use this video to show recruits. I'm sure they could learn a few things.
    I'm not going to criticize how other areas fight fires. But I would not do it this way.

  • Darrell Lowell 1 year ago

    Croydon Chief…..on a ladder, no SCBA.

  • yvon malette 1 year ago

    sis a lot of heavy camera over there bad  neighbord

  • Joe Bekey 1 year ago

    Great coordinated effort.

  • hotpig27 1 year ago

    Just some observations and comments. I'm not a YouTube certified Fire expert like many others. I'm just a Fireman since 1985.I'm in Illinois across the Mississippi River from the St Louis Metro. I have noticed on many videos the drivers do not have to do anything but drive and pump. Ambulance crews leave their cots out. Every window gets broke and gets a ladder. There are Firemen everywhere and lots of trucks. Where in the hell do all of these guys come from? Is everyone out East a Firefighter?Every area does things the way it works for them. We use positive pressure to vent so breaking windows generally is a  no, no. I drive, set the pump, pull the line, pack up, charge the line and make the hit. Some times by myself if none of the Volunteers show yet or the guy from our other station has not arrived yet. I have recruited citizens and Deputies to help me stretch lines. They love it and some times we get apps for volunteers this way.On Mutual Aid my Chief if not needed in a command role acts as a Firefighter. We do more mutual aid structure fires than we have of our own. I bet my Chief does more interior work than any of the other Chief in the area.

  • Jay Savage 1 year ago

    Watch them wires.

  • aragorn767 1 year ago

    I notice multiple colored turn outs on the fire ground. Multi-deptartment operation?

  • Rainman14 1 year ago

    these are volunteer firefighters right?

  • burienite 1 year ago

    Lol…love the old Two-Tone paging. Our region got rid of that type of paging over 15 years ago, and the new system is FAST!

  • Mike Garofalo 1 year ago

    Thanks for Sharing

  • Willliam Whaou 1 year ago

    beautiful greeting works I wanted to know what is the ringtone  at the beginning of video thanks.  a big hello to the company I you then Frances hi

  • How to Draw a 1 year ago

    Is this real

  • Stephen Nurnberger 1 year ago

    Very good firefighting. Just gotta watch the tunnel vision and take your time or someone will get hurt

  • clubfoote1960 1 year ago

    Very good work on the Crown square apartment fire video on May 19,2015

  • Clayton Reihart 1 year ago

    Are these guys paid or are they volunteers?

  • Lt. KerrBear 1 year ago

    this looks like a situation where the fire departments operating caused more damage than the fire did. Good video non the less