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UPDATE 7/3/15: This happened a long time ago but if you have a question message me here – Like my page and I’ll answer it! Also a great way to stay up to date with my career. Check out my recent work on IMDB – -The person in the video is Joe Cummings (, that is me. I am a professional actor residing in NYC however what I am doing in the video is not acting. I am energetically giving a lead-in to the amazing creeper video you see right after. I will not give out the location of my Manhattan apartment for obvious reasons. Feel free to check out my website and other links to learn more about me and my acting. Shoot me a message on my facebook page and I will answer any other questions you may have. For the Record NO Tertiary sites had anything to do with this video. Any that claim they do are wrong as I put this up here on my own. Yes, I found out the hard way that I had an uninvited guest living in my apartment, sharing my food and drinks and pissing in my sink. Talk about a creepy situation… only in the big apple…. So I have been inundated with questions since this was posted and I thought it wise to give answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. #1 – Are you sh#ting me? A – No, this is every bit as real and messed up as it seems #2 – What did you do when you saw the footage? A – I immediately left my apartment and called the police. #3 – Who is that girl? A – I have no idea, she didn’t say much […]


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  • Natman 11 months ago

    Who the hell is she?

  • MazenTech 11 months ago

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • Noora Youssef Khalil 11 months ago

    That's some wild s**t…Are you living in an apartment complex or a small home? Duplex? How this thing get into your attic and dude, you're drinking the same bottle she was drinking out of. But, how could you know…How did you get her out of there? Actually, when did you finally view this cam and see her? I'd be so flipped out!! Did you call the police?

  • Mylo Aguilar 11 months ago

    this is fucked up!! (the pop ups are really annoying as i was trying to watch it )

  • Diablo 11 months ago

    that scared the fuck out of me when it fast forwarded

  • Hectorilus 11 months ago

    Wtf she is like right there when he is drinking the water. This is terrifying af

  • Ja711Bx 11 months ago

    I would of hit her with a fucking Bat and thrown her limp body out the fucking window and watched it Ragdoll all the way down

  • Brianna Murphy 11 months ago

    You could see her in the very beginning at the top

  • Morrison Rivas 11 months ago

    minecraft anyone?

  • erica funke 11 months ago

    you have wayyy too many popups on that video!!!

  • warlock242 11 months ago

    Load of bollocks. His girlfriend has just done this with him.

  • Michael Schlingloff 11 months ago

    She was clearly looking at him in the beginning of the video setting up the camera in her crawl space/home

  • Cameron Rawls 11 months ago

    at the beginning when he first set up the camera there was something moving at the top right corner where the girl comes out of

  • terry jones 11 months ago

    Should have put a couple of bolts onto the hatch…..

  • owneddiagonal 11 months ago

    2009. Is this the grandfather of the ol' ghosts on my appartements and creepy shit happening videos?

  • Sophia Saleh 11 months ago

    I think i would have believed you if you showed the cops arriving or leaving with her. Just something

  • Elisabeth Martin 11 months ago

    How did she get in there in the first place?

  • TeeTee Forrester 11 months ago

    omg she just drank out the juice carton lol..eweeee

  • truvelocity 11 months ago

    Miles and Melonie.