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Get it Here – Download my Free eBook "7 FACTS YOU MUST UNDERSTAND IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH YOUR CHILDREN´s BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS" NOW. It´s FREE: Craft, plant, water and grow with indoor gardening that engages imagination all year round. Create your own magical miniature fairyland! The Creativity for Kids Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit includes everything you need – just add water! This complete fairy garden kit contains an 11 in fairy garden dish, flower fairy Hannah figurine, resin fairy house, two resin toadstools, sparkling gems, glittery pixie dust, two tulle butterflies fabric flower bouquet, glass opti-stones, purple gravel, seeds (wheatgrass and bean mixture), potting soil, fine tipped paint brush, six acrylic paints and illustrated instructions with lots of ideas. Contents conform to ASTM D-4236. This fairy craft is Recommended for children ages 7 and up. GROW A FAIRY WORLD: With a little creative magic, you can grow your very own enchanted fairyland. This open-ended fairy craft kit lets your child embrace their creative side by making a unique creation that's all their own. COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: Everything you need is included – just add water! Kit includes an 11" diameter flower shaped paintable potting dish, enchanted flower house, gemstones, flowers, butterflies, paint, potting mix and seeds that grow like magic. EASY INDOOR GARDENING: Indoor gardening is great for all seasons! Once decorated, place your Enchanted Fairy Garden by a window and watch your plants grow and thrive. Magic Bean and Wheatgrass seeds can begin to sprout in as little as 2-4 days. HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING: See your child's creative side come to life as they paint and decorate their fairy garden. Learn about botany and the life cycle of plants as your child watches their fairy garden grow! SAFE FOR KIDS: This kit includes non-toxic […]

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  • Maria Dearing 3 months ago

    They look like little ice-cycles.

  • H2O NightMare 3 months ago

    Wow. I'm actually doing the same kit right now. Im letting them grow them selves and there's more crystallization on the side then inside the cup. Mine seem to have more growth then yours. I'm curious why.

  • Smoke Boy 3 months ago

    Yo u need dat good crystal pack it comes with cintrine,ruby,emarald,aquiremine

  • ken couture 3 months ago

    I am going to do it to

  • Charlotte Posey 3 months ago


  • COOL KID 3 months ago

    You did not let it set long enough

  • Keanu S 3 months ago

    What did you do with the runoff do you think more crystals could be made from it?

  • SuperIcecoffee 3 months ago

    I left mine in the bathroom because the sun shines and leaves the room warmer, they grew quite well

  • Snow Angel 3 months ago

    I like white

  • Andrea da Silva 3 months ago

    How many days did it take? I skipped your first videos

  • tims production Georgia Gurcistan 3 months ago

    hi i from georgia end love you <3 !

  • Luis C 3 months ago

    looks like a fail toy to me lol

  • Will Roberts 3 months ago

    I’m currently making crystals with the same set right now! Can’t wait to see what that’d look like and I hope they don’t turn out like the red one!

  • Pasha Sarızade 3 months ago

    Interesting video like

  • Jordan Liverpool 3 months ago

    Cool thanx I'm gonna try

  • H.M Animax 3 months ago

    1+ Sub, Great video! The crystals turned out great! 🙂