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Josh visited a community of gardeners and they regained their margins with impressive results. Whether you know them as edges or natural areas, the parliamentary land area next to the sidewalk in front of our house is a core feature of our urban environment, but it is usually just a waste of space, an area that needs maintenance but little feedback. Subscribe🔔 Throughout Australia, people are increasingly aware that these underused and unloved spaces may be transformed into more things. Josh is returning to his old stampede in White Gum Valley, 3 kilometers from Fremantle, to meet Valley Vergers, a group of about 30 WGV residents who have a common goal-to Their edges have transformed from vast lawns and weeds into beautiful and practical gardens. Their purpose? Planting large gardens, promoting biodiversity and nurturing communities… everything is on parliamentary land! This makes sense. Dave Broun, founding member of White Gum Valley Vergers, said: “The edges are huge.” “Ours, because it is on the corner plot, the area exceeds 300 square meters, but even the standard edge here is usually more than 100 square meters.” Dave bought his house in WGV about ten years ago. He said that the edges at the time were just “couch grass, weeds and a mature Tuyat tree (Eucalyptus gomphocephala). I didn’t realize this when we bought it.” , But this unused space is full of potential.” He is not wrong. Despite being planted only a few years ago, Dave’s fringe is now full of biodiversity, and 350 huge plants from 100 different species now occupy this once barren space. “All the plants I grow are native to Western Australia, and most of them are endemic to the Swan Coastal Plain,” Dave said. He is particularly proud of his Quandong (Santalum acuminatum) that thrives in shallow limestone soil, with acacia as the host. “Quandong is semi-parasitic, so somewhere underground, its roots have been attached to the acacia to get some extra water and nutrients. These were planted on the edge 18 months ago, and they are very well done. Good. Although Dave’s edge is all about local native plant species and naturalistic planting styles, this is not the case with other Valley Vergers. Opposite Dave’s residence is the home of fellow Valley compatriots Ian and Daphne, who are long-term residents of WGV. And the avid edge gardener. “Our style is slightly different from Dave’s. The terraces and edges we place are more formal. We like to trim and shape some of our plants to provide some different sculptural elements,” Ian said. Planting The style is also different. Ian and Daphne’s edges are a mixture of native plants, non-invasive exotic plants and even some fruit trees. “This is the benefit of the edge being developed in WGV and Valley Verges-it doesn’t have to’look’ in some way , Or in line with the blueprint,” Ian said. “As long as our planting and landscaping meet the requirements of the city council, we can start.” The committee’s requirements and guidelines are for anyone considering establishing an edge to understand and follow. Both are an important factor. “It is very important to ensure that you design and garden these spaces as agreed by the city council. Most councils have readily available resources on what can and cannot be done. “Dave said. “Before you plan or plant anything, understand the location of above and below ground services-dialing before you dig is a good resource.” Safety is an important part of edge gardening-“You must Ensure that the vehicle has a clear line of sight, the overhead infrastructure is not disturbed, and that pedestrians and people getting off the vehicle can safely pass through the space.” Featured plants: QUANDONG-Santalum acuminatum GOLDEN WREATH WATTLE-Acacia saligna EREMOPHILA-Eremophila sp. Kangaroo Grass- Themeda triandra TUART-Eucalyptus gomphocephala __________________________________________ Australian Gardening is an ABC TV show that provides gardening knowledge and inspiration. Lectured by leading Australian gardening experts, “Australian Gardening” has become all gardeners through TV shows, magazines, books, DVDs and extensive online content This is the official YouTube channel of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. If you violate the ABC’s online usage conditions (section 3), your contribution may be deleted..


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