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Greenwalls or vertical gardens have risen rapidly to become one of the hottest inclusions in landscapes today. They are a fantastic way to add literally a wall of plants to even the smallest of spaces. Here’s my video and tips on assembling a commercially available greenwall kit. If you like my videos don’t forget to visit & ‘like’ me on FaceBook to keep up-to-date with all things garden lifestyle, sustainability & horticulture related! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBEST Plants for Vertical Garden/ Greenwall/ Vertical GreeneryVicinity Greenwall – A Modular Vertical GardenThe Garden Gurus – Holmans Vertical GreenwallHow to Create a Vertical Garden for Small SpacesHow to Create a Vertical Wall GardenThe Garden Gurus – Holman Greenwall Vertical Gardening Kit

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  • awakenlilrabbit 4 years ago

    Nice video, Adam. I am about to embark on my green wall using this system and this was a good start, now I just have to work out the irrigation needs in through the back of the system. Cheers

  • Adam Woodhams 4 years ago

    Hi medic76487 & thanks for watching.
    The liner is a material that's generally called geo-textile fabric (you also sometimes find it called filter or drainage fabric). It is very porous and allows water to drain through without any silt etc going with it. So no holes required as the set-up is self draining 🙂

  • 1earthstar 4 years ago

    what a really cool looking planter