Debra Lee Baldwin, author of three books about succulent plants, helps Emma Alpaugh of Timber Press create a living picture of succulents, using a plantable frame and cuttings from Succulent Gardens nursery.
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Watch how to make an urban garden succulent wall in your small space in this quick hypermade. Get the details of this garden project here:

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Create a Living Picture with Succulents

| Vertical Gardens | 15 Comments
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  • Gadi Kalihman

    Hello Debra, I am wonder how often succulents need to be irrigated and from another side how you make any drainage on the box bottom?
    I love the wander of your succulent art!

  • Pamela Helen Leigh Gamble

    Hi Debra, I am becoming a fast fan of your work ! I was wondering, have you done anything along the lines of succulents in cages ? Can't seem to figure our how to create an actual base, without soil falling through the bars, unless I put in some lining of some sorts. I've got over 30 lil succulents, cacti, chicks and hens, echeveria, so might give the living picture a try, save on space 😀

  • Debra Lee Baldwin

    Yes, you can make your own, and good idea, I need to make a video showing how! There also is how-to info in my book, Succulents Simplified (May, 2013). Carol, keep the soil moist, and roots will form from the base of the plants and knit through the screen into the soil, at which time you can hang the box and the plants will stay in place.

  • Cynthia Luciene

    I'm sorry, I was looking for a "HOW TO" but instead almost had seizures as the screen flickered and flashed rapidly before my eyes.

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