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The Craftsman Experience welcomes back Mark Wille, expert builder from Wille Wood Work to show everyone how to build a vertical garden. This vertical garden model will save time and space by allowing for planting in a very small area. For plans to this project, visit cat:woodworking Vertical garden in bottles Plastic, stacked, see all the details to make a beautiful garden for vegetables and herbs, is simple and You’ll like! Thanks for visiting! See our films, we have lots of interesting things for you! visiting! Related PostsHow to Make a Vertical Garden TeaserHow to Make a Vertical Garden TeaserCustomer Reviews of the Tower Garden® ExperienceVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodCommunity Garden- Service Learning Experience

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  • lilwestkid 1 year ago

    spent all that time and effort… should have been a five minute video.

  • Under7Cs 1 year ago

    Sad. Really, Really, SAD.

  • bristolguy100 1 year ago

    wow i could of made 2 in this time .

  • David Hefner 1 year ago

    To slow….I couldn't stand it any longer. I stopped the video after 8 minutes. Also you stressed ear plugs and safety glasses…good. But no respirator…..I saw a lot of white dust.

  • Terry Ellis 1 year ago

    Horrible video and very simple plan—Could have just showed a picture and skipped the rest

  • mhairi jamaluddin 1 year ago

    this is an education show and this guys is doing fine…thanks for the video

  • Lanium 1 year ago

    This is so terrible its funny.

  • michael migliorisi 1 year ago

    Needlessly long video.  Host is narcissistic, nor is he very good at his job.  The handyman seems knowledgeable but has the personality of a plank of wood with his monotone, southern drawl.  The result was an unnecessarily complicated vertical garden. Bad video.

  • tootz1950 1 year ago

    How irritating. 

  • Derek Miller 1 year ago

    I stopped buying Craftsman tools because they are made in China. Now I buy much cheaper Chinese tools that are craftsman style.  They all say Taiwan stamped on them and they are less than a tenth of the price of Chinese made Craftsman.

  • anunay ranjan 1 year ago

    this is not a vertical garden…. it is an flop rack for keeping plants

  • Justin Danner 1 year ago

    nice sweater jackass

  • BackToConstitution 1 year ago

    "Film, is life, with the dull parts, cut out!" – Alfred Hitchcock

  • Def Lep mania 1 year ago

    Get out! ———->

  • stupadasso1964 1 year ago

    This Alex guy is painful to watch and listen to. I guess he thinks he is doing some sort of stand up routine while stumbling around power tools. Someone should cut up some wood blocks, sit him in a corner and let him play with them off camera. Complete waste of time. Craftsman should rethink posting such tripe because the video is such a bad reflection of the brand.

  • craigok55 1 year ago

    How boring can you get?

  • curtman81 1 year ago

    Wtf was this? Did the Shamwow guy,have a kid?

  • brat46 1 year ago

    I would recommend skipping the first 23 minutes.

  • Kyu Lee 1 year ago

    Yeah I went to the link as they said for the plans for the project but the Vertical Garden is not there. What is up with that??????

  • macpower72 1 year ago

    what a horse shit dude….

  • Harriet Long-Culbreath 1 year ago

    do you all know i need help with my son corey puting gas in my truck,

  • Donna Meade 1 year ago


  • aliza day 1 year ago

    This really nice

  • Magali Gigi 1 year ago

    I used your way to build my garden bottle because you did it really weel! But you didn't explained how you stuck the last bottle, to collect water?????

  • T “‫سماءيل‬‎” Sama2il 1 year ago

    i had started window farming …if some one has some useful ressources such as web site or channel plz contact me

  • Himshweta Dubey 1 year ago

    Simply Amazing!

  • Lenira Campos 1 year ago

    Ideia maravilhosa! Obrigada por compartilhar!

  • projeto horta em casa 1 year ago

    Parabéns pelo projeto esta bem legal

  • ‫מרכז מבקרים הגן הסולארי‬‎ 1 year ago

    Here's a way to make a green wall garden using PET bottles, as a community project! Amazing 🙂

  • ‫מרכז מבקרים הגן הסולארי‬‎ 1 year ago

    Here's a way to make a green wall garden using PET bottles, as a community project! Amazing 🙂

  • Cassol Jr 1 year ago

    meu amigo, fantastica a ideia e estou fazendo aqui tbm, mas me tira uma duvida: vc colocou a terra direto na garrafa ou colocou pedras ou areia ou alguma coisa no fundo proximo a tampa ??? como vc fez ??? um abraço

  • Horta em Baldes e Pomar 1 year ago

    que delicia de video mais um like merecido para voce