The cost of outdoor tiles is in a fairly wide range, because it depends on the material in which the coating is produced, which can be very varied. The lowest cost is for concrete tiles, which can cost less than 10 euros per square meter. If, on the other hand, more precious raw materials are chosen, such as porphyry stone, marble, or concrete conglomerates with powders and gravels, then the price goes up a lot, reaching 30 or 40 euros per square meter, considering only the material. external; to which the labor of the tiler and the cost of the fixing material must be added. clearly the aesthetic aspect of an outdoor stone floor is much better, as well as its duration and resistance to loads and bad weather.

Porphyry outdoor flooring

Outdoor flooringWhen choosing an outdoor flooring it is important to keep in mind which are the characteristics that interest us most of this covering. clearly the eye also wants its part, and therefore, if possible, it will be good to select a coating that suits the style of the house and garden. But outdoors it is also essential that the flooring is very resistant to the heat of the sun, frost and bad weather, and that at the same time it does not require a great deal of maintenance: molds, mosses and weeds tend to colonize the whole garden, and with it the flooring that partially covers it. Stone floors are certainly among the most durable, even if the resistance to load or trampling also depends on the thickness at which this stone is cut. Concrete floors are the least expensive, but also those that are most easily affected by weeds or moss, which disfigures their appearance.

Outdoor floors To allow your outdoor floor to last for years, it is essential to keep it clean and tidy. Periodically it is good to wash the coating, for example using a hydro pump, in order to remove residues of dust, soil and possibly the moss and molds that can nest in the interstices. Between the escapes, the earth tends to stop, carried by the wind or rain, where weeds can settle over the years: a small seed can produce a robust plant, able to pierce even a thin layer of concrete or other material glue. The result is often a weakening of the entire flooring, which can thus undergo damage caused by frost or water infiltration. With a scraper, remove the sand that settles between the joints, and also any weeds already present.

Wood tiles The cost of outdoor tiles is very varied, also because there are various types of materials, including those that are not immediately thought of, such as wood and plastic: to create a platform near the pool or only temporarily on the lawn, they are often used light and versatile tiles, with which a sort of impromptu flooring is prepared. The plastic or wooden tiles fit together, so as to give life to a floating covering, which is not fixed to the ground, also because this flooring is often removed at the end of the summer. Although they are durable materials to weather and trampling, they are generally not suitable for divine areas at barbecues or garages, because the sparks of fire and the weight of a vehicle could damage them conspicuously.

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