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With our mild winters in Santa Clara County, we can garden year-round. There are many advantages to a cool-season garden: fewer pest problems, produce can remain in the garden for longer, and nature does much of the watering. Learn which vegetables do best here in the cool season, and how and when to grow, maintain, and harvest them. Eat well from your garden year-round! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFirst Planting 2020 – Cool Weather Vegetable GardeningVertical Container Vegetable Gardening: Planting Cool Weather Lettuce, Peas, Spinach & ArugulaRainy Season Vegetable Seeds Sowing + Results | Vegetable Gardening at HomeVegetable Garden Tour Mid August: A Vacation Watering Tip, Cucumber Seed Saving, Cool Season CropsRoof Gardening | Special Focus on Vegetable Gardening on top of Roof | Hyderabad – V6 NewsPlanting My First Vegetable Garden | Small Backyard Gardening

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