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INSIDE EDITION’s House of Shame series is putting more contractors to the test – this time to see if they give a fair deal for a roof that our experts say only needs minor repairs. After hiding cameras throughout a rented New Jersey house, we had … Related PostsCommercial Roofing Contractor Denver CO – Best Commercial Roofing Denver CO 303 ACE ROOFTrue Green Roofing Solutions 5 Star Company Who Says? YOU DO!D7 Roofing Commercial / Residential Roofing ContractorHazleton GAF Roofing Contractor Presents: How To Do Valley Roofs The Right WayTop Roofing Contractor in Frisco, Tx CALL (972)-QUALITYShipping container house – Green roof

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  • Jesse R 10 months ago

    Why is the inspector talking like that? Missing teeth or something?

  • Ella Pepe 10 months ago

    I love the house of shame! More!

  • Benjamin Luu 10 months ago

    Imagine an episode on walls
    *inspector checks the one way mirror room
    “Uh, you got a few stalkers in your house, that’ll be 1,000 I’m removal funds”

  • AyeeItsEmm 10 months ago

    I don’t understand why you need a house for that while people have no house…

  • That Nibba lookin like the Uncle from Spy Kids

  • unicorn _hola 10 months ago

    If i see one how can i call you?

  • genaro Reyes 10 months ago


  • Lava spoon 10 months ago

    My parents were charged $1000 for the roof to be repaired but the repair was taking off the roof plate things and replacing all of them. It took a total of 3 days, fair enough!

  • Timm3r347 10 months ago

    She’s the female version of Chris Hanson

  • lala mariama 10 months ago

    "head eggs"

  • ThatOneFish 10 months ago

    Next up, This Guy

  • hans solo 10 months ago

    pure harassment to these contractors, bad video, bad people who made it. they were trying to hard to make a good video. and they hurt 2 guys in the process that didnt do anything wrong

  • THE ASH GIRL Is so much dumber you. 10 months ago

    I DARE YOU……

  • this channel sucks this channel sucks 10 months ago

    The 2nd one acts and sounds like trump.

  • when u watch on your phone the title says
    "Contractor Says Perfectly Fine Roofs Cost $10.000 M

  • Big headeggs

  • I don’t start fights because I’m responsible 10 months ago

    0:10 head eggs

  • Lulu Defalco 10 months ago

    My dad has a contractor and i get my dad gets this stuff for free and why does she say he has no plan of sticking around df

  • kingcorvette427 10 months ago

    That roof was garbage. Shingles missing and curling up. They could lift them with their bare hands. I would've charged 12k