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Learn contractions by watching this video! When writing English or practicing your spelling, contractions can often be confusing. We animate some real examples in this video so you can see the correct way of contracting English words! Primary Teaching Points: contractions, contractions with examples Related Videos: Punctuation Explained! – Our first album is available now: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5 First Lady, Michelle Obama invites local school children to the White House Kitchen Garden’s annual harvest as part of her continuing initiative to promote healthy eating. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: GOOD MORNING AMERICA’S HOMEPAGE: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Prepositions Song | Scratch GardenThe Patterns Practice Song | Scratch GardenThe Geography Song for Kids | Learn Geography Video by Scratch GardenThe Colors Song | The Colours Song | Scratch Garden KID Song l How To Make Colors Ice Jelly DIY Jelly Clay Play l kid songs KID Song l How To MakeSyllables! | Scratch GardenPunctuation Explained (by Punctuation!) | Scratch Garden

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  • Jessica Garcia 4 years ago

    My first graders are crazy about this video. They ask me to replay it all the time and students who normally wouldn't read actually read the sentences.

  • Cheryl Cheryl 4 years ago

    I Love it

  • Ja'Niyah Berro 4 years ago

    wow this really helped my sister learn contractions

  • Theo Cavanagh 4 years ago

    the cat is a vampire XD

  • Theo Cavanagh 4 years ago

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me love uny!!

  • Insane Dude 4 years ago


  • Theo Cavanagh 4 years ago

    Oh No!Oh No! Oh nooooo!!!

  • Aiden Vaughn 4 years ago


  • Aiden Vaughn 4 years ago

    scratch garden is awesome and funny love it because im 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • cys edi 4 years ago

    How about _'ll?

  • Kelly Anne Cross 4 years ago

    My 1st Graders love this video! Thanks! It really helped them learn contractions.

  • Robloxgaming PIXEL GUN PLAYER 4 years ago

    Great video

  • Sundie Jo Brownell 4 years ago

    love it

  • English Tree TV 4 years ago

    Great video, very funny and just as effective as that bulldozer was at creating contractions :)

  • Leola Gillard 4 years ago

    Boo. HA

  • Bonifaxio Herrera 4 years ago

    Great video although that buldozer Was very Mean to those letters :(

  • Diego Axel Villegaz Vazquez 4 years ago

    o no ono nooooo (poom)

  • Khai Jal 4 years ago

    That was awesome!

  • Qadarah Israel 4 years ago

    Great video. My Kindergartener is ready picking this up.

  • Jonathan Lee 4 years ago

    first comment yay

  • Michael Quinn 4 years ago

    i wonder why theres no bees. ants. rabbits. in her garden? lol

  • Trash Kitten 4 years ago

    its be cool of we could have some of these in our school lunches

  • Christine K 4 years ago


  • tom kassan 4 years ago

    Michael O Bama harvesting giant cucumbers…….oooh,oooh there big!

  • The Lizard King 4 years ago

    I took a page from CNN and now ABC, I planted a plastic garden.

  • cabeza240 4 years ago

    Rest in peace Joan Rivers. I think she was telling the truth about Michael!!!! #STOPTHEPSYOPS #TRUTHBOMBARMY

  • Comment section is cancer.

  • rachel Osorio 4 years ago

    I just watched this to see if I could see Michaels penis

  • Ms Jay 4 years ago

    Stop telling us to feed our kid's GMO…Damn!!

  • Scared Bent 4 years ago

    "Michael" Obama getting close with preteen kids.. that's not a surprise ! Why does she not just request a child tour on the Jeffrey Epstein express like Bill Clinton does? All you are so disgustingly blind it's not even funny.

  • Bart Hamburg 4 years ago

    who would trust there kids with these monsters? really tho….

  • Gandalf the white 4 years ago

    this is as sick as the pope talking about helping the poor as he sits on a golden throne

  • Sizzorfite 4 years ago

    Stop pimping your Propaganda and GMO's

  • ADesign 4 years ago

    We're still reffering to this bloke as a "First Lady" …. Yikes.

  • Katie Newmeyer 4 years ago

    So why is there always a amount of black people disproportionate to the US population at the white house?

    Racist Obamas.

  • Katie Newmeyer 4 years ago

    That's a man

  • Rosie Hackett 4 years ago

    Bullshit…Lies. Reptilians eat humans.

  • No Master Above No Slave Below 4 years ago

    Michael Ovomit is a man Barry has called her, I mean it ,several times.Joan Rivers called it out and she dies from surgery to her throat.There's that famous picture of her in a blue dress with her bulge showing,the video on Ellen dancing showing it also.Wake up your president is a fraud Michael is fraud and obviously the children aren't theirs.