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This high end garden was designed and delivered by NSL Design. The hard and soft landscaping were finished off to exacting standards. The garden design incorporates a hot tub, sauna, outdoor kitchen, built-in barbecue, outdoor fireplace, bespoke seating and garden orb summerhouse. We work across south west England and London. Sally Tierney of Yorkshire Garden Designer discusses the 2-Day Design Your Own Garden Course at Middlethorpe Hall, York. 7 steps to your perfect garden We will teach you the 7 secret steps we use when developing garden designs. These are the secrets other garden designers don’t want you to know! The brief — what do you want to do in your garden? The givens — identifying what you MUST work with because you can’t change them. Trying it all out on paper Where to get ideas from and how to find out if they will work for you. Getting it to feel right by making sure the spaces works well How to create a planting plan How to keep your garden looking good year round – and year after year! Have the satisfaction and fun of designing your own garden to feel right and look good. Call: 01904 62 33 43 or 07973 832 747 Music: “Never Forget” by Peterloo Massacre ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsContemporary Garden Ideas – Landcaping Pictures GalleryMarlene Llapur Waterfall & Landscape DesignSoft rock, slow jams, adult contemporary, etc.Adult Contemporary – Soft RockYorkshire Garden Designer – Design Your Own Garden Course at Middlethorpe Hall, YorkGorgeous Contemporary Interiors with Vertical Gardens

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  • Kath Butt 6 months ago

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  • Matt Dog 6 months ago

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  • NSL Garden Design 6 months ago

    Have a look at our new YouTube video of one of our gardens…
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