Contemporary garden design ideas from a small urban garden

Beautiful modern garden design ideas and small garden landscaping techniques from garden designer and Great British Bake Off finalist Jane Beedle. Find Jane on Instagram. If you are interested in wall-mounted drying racks in the garden, Hills Supa Fold Duo has 23m of space and can be purchased from Amazon: Minky has a simpler and cheaper wall or fence dryer, 13m here Dry space: Please note that I am an affiliate of Amazon, so if you buy, I may charge a small fee. But I only choose products that I really think you will like! For gabion baskets similar to Jane, I am often asked for advice, so I compiled a list of useful products that I use myself in the medium garden Amazon store: For garden ideas, gardening techniques and garden inspiration, please subscribe to the medium garden garden YouTube channel Here: The medium garden posts weekly gardening suggestions, garden tours in private gardens, and interviews with professional gardeners. If your garden is less than one acre, please join us and enjoy more fun in your garden! #garden #gardening #backyard For small and medium backyards and gardens… See the Medium Garden Blog: More Garden Ideas on Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:.


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