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This is the introduction video to my container vegetable gardening blog which you can find at It shows you my garden, how I grow my crops and the kind of containers I use. Video Rating: / 5 Vegetable gardening in South Florida can be a little different than gardening elsewhere. Growing your vegetables and herbs will be easier and more successful if grown in a raised bed. Learn how to build a raised bed garden that is successful in our unique climate. Produced by volunteer John Grandison Related PostsChannel Introduction The Rusted Garden 2017: Over 600 Vegetable Gardening VideosContainer Garden Update #1 Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed Square Foot Tomato PlantsAugust 29th Garden Harvest Update Melon Pepper Tomato Container Vegetable Gardening How to GrowContainer Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to GrowContainer Garden Harvest Update June 6th Lettuce Tomato Kale Vegetable Gardening Raised BedContainer Garden July Update & Harvest Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed How to Plant Grow Seed

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  • John Cook 3 years ago

    I subscribed 😀

  • babyolifantje 3 years ago

    thanks for this video, it was really helpful.

  • Veg at Home 3 years ago

    Fantastic!!! I am just starting out and find that growing veg in containers is the only way for me in my small garden. I got loads if ideas from this video , thank you. tell me if you can , do you use soil from your garden or compost in your containers ,thanks?

  • Garden Sheds Devon 3 years ago

    I truly admire this video. I perceived that container gardening is one of the most practical way of customizing the certain space of your garden. Thank you for letting me know these vital information!

  • Richard Stinson 3 years ago

    OMG! "Small, insignificant.little garden"?!! You should live in an expensive city like Barcelona. Your garden is MASSIVE! I have a terrace 2 metres by 5 metres (approx. 6×15 feet). And that's a huge luxury in a city. Enjoy your enormous garden. 😉

  • diegartenfrau 3 years ago

    I am in the process of selling my 2nd lot with vegetable garden. My house lot doesn't have much vegetable space because previous owners built a very badly designed rock wall to terrace the steep back yard it's not usable for vegetables. So I mostly will have containers to grow my food with in the near future…..I would love to have the grassy, flat space you have, who needs grass? All my flat areas are slim areas you need to walk around the house or are concrete.

  • Jayde Ash 3 years ago

    What is the Soil mix in the buckets?
    thanks for sharing

  • Rhonda McKnight 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • babzluv 3 years ago

    thats a great garden…i love how you are using different types of containers…

  • Sinara Rodrigues de Souza 3 years ago

    I've liked very much!!!
    Thank very much!!!

  • SwayLocks 3 years ago

    Where's the marijuana plants?

  • workoutqueen82 3 years ago

    wow, your very resourceful! can't wait to see your other videos:)

  • Nick F 3 years ago

    What a great video and ive learnt alot ….going to subscribe so i can enjoy your other videos…

  • 1spicytomato 3 years ago

    tysm for your look at your garden

  • MrBarrytone 3 years ago

    Really enjoyed your video! Great work!

  • Sherri Murphy 3 years ago

    Wow that was awesome, looking for more of your great tips!

  • jetajockey0 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video, it's much appreciated.

  • BlueSeaWendy 3 years ago

    Great ideas! I never thought about using the bags that the soil comes in 😀

  • martysgarden 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the video, thanks so much for sharing it with us! I needed the inspiration.

  • Gardening With Puppies 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I like your disposable containers. I try to use them, too, instead of investing money in costly pots. I subscribed; I hope you do the same. Thanks.

  • Ghislaine Greene 3 years ago

    Thanks Adrian,

  • Jeramy Smith 3 years ago

    Where did you purchase the "Gro-Bag" Vegetable Soil.

  • Jeramy Smith 3 years ago

    Great video. Thank you, I shall share it!

  • UF Miami Dade Extension 3 years ago