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Campbell & Ferrara plant expert Dodi Turney will help you learn how to choose and combine the best plants for your container garden. Planted containers create an instant garden and are the ultimate fashion statement in modern urban gardening. In this DIY project, I will show you how to build a self-watering container for your vegetable gardening. You can visit my blog to see this project progress. There are many benefits to container gardening and this project takes it one step further. An internal reservoir allows the soil to naturally wick up water to the roots of the plant. Top gardening tips will tell you to never let your plants get too dry. with this system this is not a problem. This reservoir, combined with a weed shield, really reduces the maintenance needs of your outdoor growing. Planting a vegetable garden is rewarding when to get to eat the fruits of your labor, however, some planing can be tricky. Growing tomatoes and peppers can be a challenge but a self-watering planter such as the one I build here will make it a breeze. At the end of this video I will also show you how to plant and grow tomatoes in this system. One of my favourite aspects of this self-watering container gardening is that it is well suited for Off-grid project, as their is no need for power. ?This is an inexpensive project and you may have most of the materials you need on-site. Here is a list if you are going to start from scratch. ??Tools: ??Drill and drill bits?? Hose cutter?? 7/8th hole saw ??Knife?? Parts:?? Zip ties?? Clear hose with Related PostsHow to make a vertical pallet planter for growing herbs and flowers – Whanau LivingIndoor Gardening Tips : How Do I Grow Herbs Inside […]

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  • 7s345 2 years ago

    Hi Dodi, can I plant thyme, basil and spring onions together.

  • selena6301 2 years ago

    Hi….where do u get the thing with holes in it for watering the strawberry basket…??

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 2 years ago

    Using containers is really good in terms of gardening. Through this method you can easily arrange your plants according to their classification or even complementing their colors without disturbing them. Well, many gardeners that live in the city do these type of method for their urban gardening because it is efficient and easy that perfectly suits for the small spaces in their yards. Annual and Perennial Flowers are so perfect for containers as well as the Herbs. Nice one!?

  • StarksBrothersHomes 2 years ago

    This is a wonderful thing for homeowners to do. Thanks for posting.

  • Growrena Russell 2 years ago

    Ready to join the container club. good post'

  • sbgardener5 2 years ago

    I like your color combinations and planting suggestions.

  • blixten2928 2 years ago

    The dog is a great extra. Hope you use him or her in all your videos!?

  • Julia Kurczyn 2 years ago

    out of topic but are you from Canada??

  • TEC GROW 2 years ago

    +Robert Brennan where did you get the $2 bag from …?

  • ManifoldSky 2 years ago

    Not sure what sense it makes to put the fill tube on the outside of the bucket. It just causes more work, and adds cost. It is far simpler, cheaper, and just as effective, to simply drill a hole in the bottom platform, insert a piece of PVC pipe whose outer fainter matches the hole size and whose length is such that it sticks out of the top of the bucket, and fill the bucket with soil. Just water through the PVC pipe, which empties into the bottom of the bucket, with no need for external tubes, which add cost, and add a weak point where external collisions can cause damage, either to the elbow joint, or the bucket itself, as well as a potential site for leaks.?

  • Ronald Kleinman 2 years ago

    Excellent video – thanks fro sharing!

  • THEGREENCABBY 2 years ago

    Interesting design on the self watering bucket, I like the fill tube thru the side with the 90 degree elbow.

  • dave gale (none) 2 years ago

    bought stuff from a hydroponics store and they said don't use clear because of the algae it can cause?

  • Naticris Tellavi 2 years ago

    What about algae or mold? ?

  • Chun Yi Chow 2 years ago

    Not so self-automated. But ok to recycle un-used buckets at home.?

  • freddie budd 2 years ago

    You could put a floating ball inside the tube as a gauge?

  • CitizenKate 2 years ago

    Nice work on this, Robert.

  • Obdulio Cerceno 2 years ago

    Neat and clean!, thanks a lot for the great tips. The idea of putting the net pot in the button is excellent! Keep up with the videos…?

  • dave gale (none) 2 years ago

    Hey Robert not to get off course but is your pup a Frenchie? I really like the look?

  • A.McK 2 years ago

    Thanx for the video!

  • Samad Abdul 2 years ago

    where did you buy the grommets??

  • dave gale (none) 2 years ago

    where did you get your grommets for such a cheap price and the 90 degree elbows?

  • Imelda Gallardo 2 years ago

    Thank You Thank You Thank You………….I have been searching the best method and 2day I got lucky . What other vegetables can I do? can I do potatoes too?