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Whether you’re planning to grow a small kitchen herb garden, or to produce enough food to feed your family, containers can add the flexibility which helps make your garden a success this year. Growing in containers is very popular, and the variety of containers available is constantly improving, but it’s important to understand the different approaches required to produce a successful container garden. In this video, we demonstrate techniques to ensure that the plants you grow in containers stay healthy, and explain the most important factors to consider when planning where and when to use containers successfully in your garden. If you’ve noticed any pests or beneficial insects in your garden recently please report them via If you love growing your own food, why not take a look at our online Garden Planner which is available from several major websites and seed suppliers: and many more… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Vegetables in Containers // Container Gardening // Self Sufficient Sunday!What are the 5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow? | Gardening Basics w/ William MossPatio & Deck Raised Bed Container Gardening Grow Vegetable Garden Food Small Spaces Tomatoes HerbsHow to Grow Organic Vegetables || Organic Vegetable Gardening || SumanTV TreeWHY I USE PLASTIC GROW POTS VS FABRIC GROW POTS! – INDOOR GARDENINGTerrace Gardening // best winter vegetables grow in containers (In Hindi) / Village Roof garden

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  • MissCrafty Chris 5 years ago

    What a perfect comprehensive overview. Ty! MCC;)?

  • Chopparapu Parameshwar 5 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube: ?

  • Micki Scagliotti 5 years ago

    Good video! As we're growing our first set of veggies at home, I'll take all the advice I can get!

  • Swapna Palancha 5 years ago

    Very Useful Video?

  • Vivian Sudhir 5 years ago

    Great video on Gardening. Lovely.?

  • El Buitre De Madrid 5 years ago

    Hi , with the salad i am a bit confused. In many videos i watched they all say needs at least 6 hours sun per day but they also say that if exposed to sunlight it sprouts up so what is the ideal place salad should be??

  • nefar73 5 years ago

    In Growveg video " 7 Gardening Myths Debunked: Common Gardening Advice That Isn't Right!"

  • channeled 5 years ago

    It would be good to see a video about self-irrigating planters (SIPs)?

  • Gardens and Gardening 5 years ago

    Great advice for growing vegetables?

  • Gerald Chong 5 years ago

    Great video. Thank you so much for the information. I am planning on making my second serious attempt at growing my own vegetables in containers, and the information you provided would help me to care properly for my plants.?

  • libbycone 5 years ago

    I would like to hear more about self-watering containers, which I have used successfully for several years now. They are great for tomatoes, small cabbages, salad greens, baby eggplant, small peppers, herbs.?

  • lavanya pusapati 5 years ago

    Well presented video. Thanks

  • abdullah gamezer 5 years ago

    thx good morining i have one quasetion how i can get the program that

  • wini cu 5 years ago

    I learned a lot,, I can do it that too on our small garden..?

  • Billie Tyree 5 years ago

    It's was interesting

  • Malleswari Gundapu 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot. Very nice your garden. Have nice meeting u. keep it up. I am also interested to plants.?

  • ASLGarden 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for all the helpful information! New subscriber here.?

  • missysmithy25 5 years ago

    I'm so excited to start this. Thank you! ?

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