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100 Degree Summer heat Harvest . The container garden is growing OK with lots of peppers and tomatoes deck gardening pots kale beets grapes trellis cucumbers butternut squash how to build raised beds Video Rating: / 5 Subscribe Now: Watch More: After the growing season has ended, the next thing you’ll need to do is winterize your soil for vegetable gardening. Find out about winter soil preparation for vegetable gardening with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip. Expert: Teca Thompson Filmmaker: Rudi Rose Series Description: Veggie gardening requires you to take a wide variety of different things into consideration, including the time of year. Learn about veggie gardening basics with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsContainer Garden Harvest & Update #2 vegetable gardening plant raw foodContainer Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to GrowJuly Container Garden Harvest Update Deer and Possum Organic Vegetable Gardening lettuce seedContainer Garden July Update & Harvest Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed How to Plant Grow SeedContainer Garden Harvest Update June 6th Lettuce Tomato Kale Vegetable Gardening Raised BedAugust 29th Garden Harvest Update Melon Pepper Tomato Container Vegetable Gardening How to Grow

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  • Ericka.s iCandy 1 year ago

    what state are you in?

  • Patrick Smith 1 year ago

    Nice garden I hope to have at least half the quality garden I be happy

  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby 1 year ago

    Great update what a harvest!!!

  • Look Inside 1 year ago

    What type of soil you put on the garden beds what is it called? Do you put a cover under the garden bed?

  • Romina G. 1 year ago

    Your garden is so beautiful! omg and I LOVE your cat :)

  • Romina G. 1 year ago

    Your garden is so beautiful! omg and I LOVE your cat :)

  • Laura Tannehill 1 year ago

    hey guy where is our next video ….waiting…I love your garden….waiting!!!!!!!

  • Heather Paige 1 year ago

    Are you going to post soon? I miss your videos and I am grateful for them:)

  • Bon Steele 1 year ago

    That deer towards the end, though. 
    "*yawn* I know you're watching…yawwwwn"


    Garden is amazing! Someday I hope to have something similar. :)

  • luv2craftcards 1 year ago

    How do you avoid the deers from eating your garden and I saw you had a snake in your yard how did you remove it?

  • Romy edan 1 year ago

    Love your cat too
    N your gardening so great

  • Heather Gilreath 1 year ago

    Are you still on the raw food diet? If so, how do you use the frozen peppers and things? Have you had any trouble with the foods you dehydrate molding or going bad when dehydrating below enzyme killing temps? I have dehydrated a few things like tomatoes and zucchini, but I always keep them in the fridge. I would love to keep them somewhere else if they'd be okay.

  • flyguy1725 1 year ago

    Another great update Bubble!!! Keep them coming!

  • PStimeless 1 year ago

    do u overwinter those peppers?

  • OhHowHappyGardener 1 year ago

    Looks like your garden is producing well! 

  • Heather Gray 1 year ago

    I'm new to gardening and stumbled across your channel. I really enjoy your videos! What zone are you in? I love the sound of the wind chimes and seeing your cat at the end of your videos :)

  • angelaa m 1 year ago

    Busy little cat in a beautiful garden..~very nice video..

  • superslyfoxx1 1 year ago

    Are red ripened jalepanos sweeter or hotter? Little cat is making a mess and having lots of fun.

  • omfug 1 year ago

    Amazing! How do you conserve your cucumbers? Do you make pickles? I got into refrigerator pickles last year, they were amazing, I also pickled ripe jalapenos, I am still eating some of those (an extra bonus is that the pickling fluid can be used for salads.)

  • Sonja Prince 1 year ago

    Your garden looks amazing!

  • gail roberts 1 year ago

    if you got on your hands and knees and faced the other direction we would have what I guess would be an incredible view.

  • joel Rodriguez 1 year ago

    here for the tits…

  • Shonna Nelson Williams 1 year ago

    I haven't tried crushed leaves for fertilizer yet. I am waiting to try it around my azalea's, with some pine for a better acidic compound. Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Stephen Garbett 1 year ago
  • popol lolo 1 year ago

    Thanks for watching her tits !!

  • Nikil tb 1 year ago

    sexy mlf

  • Richard Vazquez 1 year ago

    Damn u fine!!!!!!

  • James Thomson 1 year ago

    honey mummy gardener

  • xx xx 1 year ago

    Ok! your melons is ready to harvest now…can I 

  • Jim Griffin 1 year ago

    Gardening can be so dirty.

  • Ahouguié Lionel Cédric Kouadjani 1 year ago

    Toi tu es sure que c'est enseignement que tu fais hein!!!
    Okay Okay

  • peshpeshabdulla 1 year ago

    Very sexy

  • juntjoo nunya 1 year ago

    All I could think about was her hot pink pants getting dirty at the knees. Maybe she has a bunch of those for these vids.

  • Rhonda Wiley 1 year ago

    I recently became interested in growing a kitchen garden so I really thank you for such timely information !!

  • Oscar Herrera (osckarh) 1 year ago

    I cna watch this video a 100 times and i will. Never get tired of it and dont know why… wink wink

  • Jon Shaw 1 year ago

    OK I've prepped by bed, but I need your help filling it!

  • BadAssFarmer 1 year ago

    We have 7 acres that we grow on for farmers market and we just laid down truck loads of leaves and tilled into the ground. It's awesome cause the leaves are free and will turn into compost. But we also have to make sure we use cover crop as well to insure nutrients are put back in. Thanks for sharing and great channel.

  • Ben Dreis 1 year ago

    Do youy guys not think she knows already? How many comments do you think it takes for a woman to know how her tits look?
    Christ sake shut up already!
    Are you here for tits or gardening? Damn!

  • Gabriel Pulido 1 year ago

    Man I love gardening….I wish I could replace my hoe with her….

  • angloalbanian Illyrian 1 year ago

    nice boobs