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  • BrittanyDaine 1 year ago

    Nice harvest of beans and cukes! Your cat's cute as well :-)

  • Growing with The Horticultural Channel ( 1 year ago

    The weather in the UK has been terrible this year, crops are not growing as well as in previous years. It's very disheartening.

  • Ren Obscure 1 year ago

    What do you use the dried cherry tomatoes for?

  • Jan King 1 year ago

    Do you wait till your lettuce plants are dry to harvest the seeds? Or do you bring the plant into a controlled environment and let it dry, then harvest seeds? Thanks, I love your videos also. Especially when you show grow, harvest and then make something to eat with the food you just harvested! 

  • Bogusmuhammed Falseprophet 1 year ago

    very helpful cat ..Very nice :)

  • keandric 2 1 year ago

    Hi 🙂 GREAT video. New to your channel. Mind if I ask what device that was that you used for your beans and cherry tomatoes?? A dehumidifier or something? Thanks :)

  • Michael Plesch 1 year ago


  • julliana2ify 1 year ago

    Great video, I love the cat.

  • angie bagby 1 year ago

    Lol. And what do you do with your dried tomatoes??

  • angie bagby 1 year ago

    What do you do with your radishes?? Recipes?

  • Peggy Sue 1 year ago

    You have a beautiful garden. What a green thumb you have. And an absolutely adorable kitty.

  • Butter2000Fly 1 year ago

    Your cat is having a blast.

  • LordlierBass 1 year ago

    Bubblebeet inspired me to start gardening, all has gone well, Till I move into an RV.

  • Mrflufay2 1 year ago

    Might i ask what state are you in. Id love to move to a place like that.

  • yobebooo 1 year ago

    I've got a weird crush on your hands. >_< Haha love your garden updates and your kitty.

  • Eileen LeValley 1 year ago

    If I had a nice garden like that I would never have to go to the grocery store ever again……… What state are you in?

  • Tina's Garden 1 year ago

    your garden looks very nice

  • shafaq007 1 year ago

    what city are you in and what fertilizer do you use? I only have a baby cucumber on my plant and my squash has not even started to flower yet. I only got 4 pods from my pea plants.