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Decided to pull an entire bucket of carrots for the YouTube folks. Normally, I would pull a couple at a time as needed and leave the rest to grow. I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe! You can subscribe by clicking this link and then you’ll get a notification every time I upload a video: Now, I’m on Facebook! Share your gardening thoughts and pictures! Music: Up Above by Letterbox . A little about my setup. I have a hydroponic greenhouse. I grow in a system I call FAWN which is a modified hydroponic drip system. The media I grow in is aged rice hulls with parboiled rice hulls mixed. This has proven to be a great mix for me. I use Masterblend fertilizer as my nutrients to every plant grown. I’ve been pretty successful with my setup growing hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, turnip greens, corn, potatoes, kale, carrots, beets, spinach, onions, leeks, and even okra! Everything a gardener would desire. I also dabble in other areas like growing in raised beds, growing in a ground garden, grafting, pond activities, growing fruits, and other projects on the homestead. Thank you so much for stopping in! Related PostsContainer Squash HarvestHydroponic Carrot Harvest – 25 May 16Potato Tower: Sweet Potato HarvestTomato HarvestHuge Carrot Harvest #141 Heirloom Organic Vegetable GardenHydroponic Beet Harvest – 23 May 16

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  • Jeff Sullivan 1 year ago

    Today I decided to see if there was anything left in my raised carrot bed. We've had a week long single digit freeze and about 10 inches of snow. Today was in the mid 40s so I took advantage of it to finalize some gardening. Carrots seemed to still be growing so I picked all the larger ones. I didn't expect to find any.

  • Letsheia hanson 1 year ago

    damn I NEED step by step info. these are amazing carrots!!!!

  • Home Grown Veg 1 year ago

    Hello Brent. When you first sow the seeds how do you get water to them? HGV

  • Jeff Sullivan 1 year ago

    I have carrots growing in a soil FAWN container. I can't wait to see how they turn out. How long were your carrots growing?

  • Dude Makes Stuff 1 year ago

    You totally could have slow rolled that beautiful shot 🙂

  • air pruning hydroponics 1 year ago

    Sure would like to roast some of them bad boys in the oven! Great job Brent.

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 1 year ago

    Going to try that Brent! Thanks!

  • Haroon Qureshi 1 year ago

    well done …

  • BobMels Gardens 1 year ago

    They do look great. Home grown taste better. That's why we grow. Have a great day. Best wishes Bob.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 1 year ago

    Great job done buddy! Man that is some fine looking carrots! Going to have to rename you to MR. Master Gardener… 🙂

  • Paul's Back Yard Garden 1 year ago

    Really nice harvest from a bucket, didn't realize you could grow that many.
    Take care

  • George Gibson 1 year ago

    Nice harvest.
    But just a little request if you do any more root crop reveals, can you include some footage of the root ball being broken up.
    That's the footage I like to see.

  • yack f zay 1 year ago

    There the sweetest and delicious carrots you can have. The small one the best.

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    Those are some really nice looking carrots. I hope they taste as good as they look.

  • Jim Battaglia 1 year ago

    Beautiful job Brent

  • Kevin Bradley Gardening and Outdoors 1 year ago

    Yum, good job. Cheers. 🙂

  • Todd Larsen 1 year ago

    those look very good, even bunched together they grew really well. Great job!