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For the City of Ghent a Blue-Green Demonstration Roof was built on a restored train car. This Blue-Green Roof system, or Polderroof, is characterised by a drainage system that stores up to 135 mm of rainwater and is capable of capillary returning the stored water to the plants in times of drought. Furthermore the train car demonstrates a wide variety of species in eco-zones varying from deep soil to open water, and boosts local biodiverse and several edible plant species. The goal of this project is to inspire builing owners, construction companies and project developpers to take part in building a climate proof Ghent. Related PostsConstruction of Orly-Square Blue-Green Roof-Park in AmsterdamBio-Diverse Green Roof Design and Construction SpecialistOptigrThermal rehabilitation and construction of a new flat and green roofHow does efficient flat roof insulation work? Concepts from a construction site with NeoporPrairie Green Roof

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